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Intelligence-Led Public Safety

Intelligence-led public safety is refining how you use data to help protect responders and your community.

From the moment you begin to better understand your data, you can begin reducing crime by preventing it in the first place. If an incident does occur, that same data can be transformed and used as a force multiplier to increase situational awareness by unifying it into a real-time, common operating picture. And when the dust settles, collection and correlation of new and historical data from a variety of sources can become the intelligence you need to narrow the scope of an investigation and close more cases.

Whether in a Real-Time Crime Center, the command vehicle, or on a smartphone in the field, the ability to make more data-driven decisions can help keep responders and the community safer. Embrace the change and begin transforming your operations, with intelligence.


How to Buy

CommandCentral Analytics

Turn strategic planning into tactical action with descriptive analytics on your phone, tablet or computer.

CommandCentral Aware

Better manage operations with integrated voice, data and video intelligence in a single command center position.

CommandCentral Inform

Make faster decisions in the field with layered, geospatial intelligence in the palm of your hand.

CommandCentral Predictive

Proactively patrol your beat with intelligent, targeted area crime predictions.

CommandCentral Search

Access public, private and shared data sources from a single, integrated portal.

CommandCentral Streaming

Expand your view of an operation as it unfolds with real-time, buffer-less video.

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