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Enhancing Student Safety with an Open Line of Communications

Enhancing Student Safety with an Open Line of Communications

The APX O2 Control Head school safety solution helps Chagrin Falls Exempted Village Schools keep their students and staff safe by connecting to first responders

Increase Safety and Security of Students and Staff

According to the 2012 U.S. Census, 80% of schools expect a violent incident to erupt on their grounds. In our nationwide survey, 99% of educators say creating a safe, secure environment is their top priority.
How to gain greater safety with fewer dollars? Next generation communication solutions instantly connect staff and public safety when emergencies occur. Keep track of children on the move. Monitor buses and routes in real time. And link districts and staff efficiently on one device.


Increase security with next generation solutions like SchoolSAFE that bridges communications between the public safety network and schools.

Deliver voice, data and video information to staff instantly, wherever they go, from the school principal to the campus electrician.

Alert dispatch, monitor buses on routes, inspect buses while idle, check fuel consumption and more with applications ideal for schools.

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Customer Stories

  • Dallas County Schools Case Study

    With its new MOTOTRBO digital radios and IP Site Connect, Dallas County School District bus drivers have access to nearly 100% District-wide coverage.

  • South-Western City Schools Case Study

    South-Western City School District relies on MOTOTRBO, an integrated Motorola digital two-way radio solution, for efficient day-to-day and emergency communication among schools and public safety officials.

  • Huntsville City Schools

    MOTOTRBO Digital Radios Outsmart Cell Phones for School Operation

  • Washington College

    To enhance campus safety, and at the same time provide the Athletics Department and the Buildings and Grounds crew with tools that improve safety and increase productivity, the college deployed a MOTOTRBO™ digital two-way radio system.

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