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Portable Radios

Keep your personnel and the community safer than ever before with P25 radio solutions. Digital portable radios save lives by saving time.

Mission critical portable radios deliver interoperability, best in class audio and intuitive performance. Select from the most advanced lineup of P25 two-way digital portable radio devices to create a solution that meets your agency needs. From local EMT communications, to military operations command abroad, professionals trust Motorola P25 radios to get the job done.

  • APX 8000 All-Band P25 Portable Radio

    Achieve unlimited mobility with the APX 8000’s all-band access, the clearest audio and seamless Wi-Fi connectivity.

  • APX™ 7000 Multi-Band Portable Radio

    Motorola's top of the line P25 two-way radio capable of multi-band operation, backward and forward compatibility (Analog/Digital, FDMA/TDMA), and integrated GPS for outdoor location.

  • APX™ 6000 P25 Portable Radio

    A smart investment delivering leading edge technology in a lightweight design with single band operation and future P25 Phase 2 capability.

  • APX™ 4000 P25 Portable Radio

    Durable and compact with key features in an easy to use design. The APX 4000 is ideal for agencies requiring a budget friendly P25 Phase 2 solution.

  • APX™ 7000XE P25 Portable Radio

    Specifically designed for extreme environments with exaggerated controls and multi-band interoperability in a rugged design.

  • APX™ 6000XE P25 Portable Radio

    Designed for gloved users working in extreme environments with exaggerated ergonomics and rugged specifications. Ideal for agencies requiring advanced features in a smaller, single-band form factor.


    Sleek and durable for mission critical operations, the APX 7000L is ideal solution federal government first responder that require the most up-to-date information faster and more efficiently, all the while maintaining voice communication simultaneously.

  • APX™ 3000 P25 Portable Radio

    Explore how the APX 3000 P25 TDMA capable covert radio can help you communicate securely while blending into the surroundings.

  • APX™ 1000 P25 Portable Radio

    Durable and compact with quality P25 features in an easy to use design. The APX 1000 is ideal for local government and public works users that require a budget friendly P25 Phase 2 solution.

  • SRX 2200 Combat Radio

    Battle-tested and military-trusted, this ruggedized and reliable two-way radio was specifically designed to enhance warfighter safety and productivity.

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