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Reduce cycle times up to 1 minute and save up to $51.6m per year *

Safely increase productivity and efficiency with the right communications system


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A constant challenge within the mining and oil & gas industries is how to maximise operational productivity to achieve production quotas whilst keeping every person on site safe at all times. We understand that outdated or poorly functioning communications technology can compromise these business objectives. You need visibility of your staff’s location and you need to ensure they can communicate at all times. You need a real-time view of your materials inventory and movements with continuous reconciliation. You must minimise variations from your mining plan or face adaptations which cause delays and slow production. You must streamline operations to maximise tonnage at every opportunity.

Recent industry research states that Australia’s mining sector productivity ranked second worst in the world in 2013, with only Africa’s ranking lower*. What if you could employ smarter technology solutions to improve your relative productivity and safety standards?

If you could know what is happening with your team members at any time, would you be better positioned to keep them safe?

If you could work smarter, faster and more cost effectively would you be able to achieve your production quotas and protect your assets more easily?

Motorola Solutions’ culture of innovation supports organisations like yours with mining communication solutions which enable true operational mobility in the field - with safety placed firmly as the number one priority. If you achieve this, you can “pull out of the ground 24/7”, “load a train 24/7”, “transfer to a ship 24/7” and “supply to your customers 24/7”.

* Price Waterhouse report, “Mining for efficiency”, August 2014

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