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Frequently bought together


M5F Front Camera

This high-resolution front-facing camera captures accurate video for evidence and analytics


M5D Control Panel

This intuitive system interface gives you fast and easy access to everything you need


M5P Cabin Camera

This discreet interior camera captures high-resolution video evidence, day or night


Capture high quality audio outside your vehicle

Designed for all-day use, this high-quality wireless microphone clips to your vest or duty belt. Using a secure wireless link, it streams audio back to your vehicle for instant review and recording. Your partner retains full situational awareness, and the community can clearly hear the context that informed your response.

What's inside

High quality audio

Integrated mic for outstanding audio quality

In-car integration

Instant playback and review on in-car system

Long range

Long range wireless, for wide coverage

Long battery life

Whole-shift battery life, with in-car charging


Ergonomic form factor, for all-day use


Evidence-grade, encrypted wireless link

Product overview

Capturing the context

Don't leave vital evidence on the street. Whenever you leave your police patrol vehicle, take a microphone to capture an audio record of your interactions with the community. Without the full context, your video evidence will only tell half the story.

Outstanding audio

With an secure, interference-resistant wireless link, the HiFi Mic captures clear audio and streams it back to the vehicle. Unlike body camera audio, your partner will hear what's happening in real-time, and you'll be able to review synchronized audio and video immediately after the event.

Long range

Designed to complement your in-car video system, the HiFi Mic captures audio for several hundred feet around the vehicle. Whether you're conducting a traffic stop or supervising the cleanup of a highway accident, you can be confident your mic is capturing vital audio evidence.

Designed for all-day use

The HiFi Mic is designed for extended wearability. It's compact, light and ergonomic, and its integrated battery is designed to last a full shift. Overtime? Double shift? No problem. Simply place the transmitter in its docking station for a quick recharge.

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