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OPERATION: Connecting Teams


Seamlessly integrate mission-critical communications across your operations from installation security to tactical — today and into the future.


Force protection and modern combat missions demand truly unified communications. Motorola makes it easy to securely integrate communications across radios, commercial devices, and specialized tactical technologies. Now you can choose the optimal mix of communications tools for your operation and connect them all to a common talk group. You have the capability to connect mission partners from foreign and domestic entities, and the flexibility to determine when and how. Mission accomplished.

United you stand together. With Motorola Solutions, you band together.


Establish Your Unified Communications Platform

This Free Playbook Reveals How to Optimize Your Communications Portfolio.

Motorola’s step-by-step guide breaks down the process for planning, design, implementation, management and optimization of unified tactical and installation security communications environments. It will:

Change the way you think about communications investments.

Help you achieve coordinated action in theater and efficient operations through smarter communications.

Tackle priorities for evolving needs and faster implementation with a focus on getting the most from your budget.

Discover a communications platform greater than the sum of its parts.


  • WAVE Tactical Workgroup Communications

    To protect the installation, your security teams must be in sync. Not only with partners on-base, but also with outside first responders. As the variety of devices continue to multiply — from smartphones, tablets, and desk phones, to two-way radios and PCs — teams are increasingly disconnected. WAVE is JITC certified software that allows you to quickly create operational talk groups across all networks, applications and devices for seamless communications interoperability.

    JITC Certified

    In theater, secure connectivity across the command structure is essential. WAVE is JITC certified software that can connect every team member instantly from anywhere in the world, regardless of network and device. By integrating third-party applications on to a common platform, WAVE enables you to achieve a true unified communications environment for enhanced situational awareness.

    JITC Certified

    Ensure Radio Communications always come through loud and clear.

    Start with ultra-loud speakers and noise cancellation for crystal clear clarity. Add federal-grade encryption. Then, package it all in a highly ergonomic and rugged design. In the hands of all security personnel and responders, APX all-band two-way digital portable radio devices maximize resources, Our newest radio, APX 8000H, is all-band with WiFi access and certified to Div1 HazLoc standards.

    In theater, don’t let your command be muddled by yelling or unreliable intra-squad radios. You’re combat-ready and your communications devices should be, too. Lightweight, secure, rugged, noise cancelling – the SRX 2200 is battle-proven and purpose-built for smarter, safer missions wherever your team operates. While our newest radio, APX 8000H, is all-band with WiFi access and certified to Div1 HazLoc standards.


    Delivering a common operating picture in the palm of your hand.

    LEX L11

    Protecting and leading an installation requires having next generation communications capabilities at your fingertips 24/7/365 – from anywhere in the world. With advanced collaboration software, GPS tracking, and data, video and voice capabilities, you can rely on rugged LEX LTE mission-critical handhelds to deliver. Get a real-time operational view of what’s happening now and be ready for what happens next.

    Special operations require your entire team’s intelligence, especially in urban, complex environments requiring split-second decisions. Rugged LEX LTE handhelds exist for those types of missions. Think radio functionality in phone form with the capability to gather and synthesize real-time critical information. The result is immediacy over a continuous connection without switching devices.


    When lives are on the line, LMR coverage gaps can’t be a concern.

    Whether during an emergency or as part of your routine rounds, sometimes you need to go where RF coverage is challenged or non-existent. Don’t let infrastructure limitations stand between you and a successful outcome. The solution is Motorola’s Futurecom DVRS — whether you need to install clear, uninterrupted radio communications coverage in-vehicle, via fixed mount or for transportable operation. With DVRS, your LMR-devices stay LMR-connected.

    It’s inevitable that missions will eventually take you beyond reliable LMR coverage areas. But operational success requires uninterrupted audio over your network. DVRS keeps your teams connected and expands two-way portable radio communications with secure end-to-end encryption everywhere from command posts to danger zones. Extend your tactical edge and stay connected to your team.

    DVRS Data Sheet

    FIPS 140-2 Level 3. NSA Suite B. Ensure your device is secured.

    Protecting sensitive data on commercial mobile devices is a challenge in any environment, but you can’t risk settling for anything less than FIPS 140-2 Level 3 compliant standards. CRYPTR micro’s reliable authentication and encryption capabilities maximize flexibility and are easy to use in sensitive operations across a variety of mobile devices.

Managed Services

Manage Communications Complexity ... and Risk

You focus on the mission. We handle the mission-critical communications.

Effective real-time voice and data make your teams safer, smarter and more informed. But as new technologies are introduced, it can be a challenge to continuously integrate, manage and optimize today’s dynamic communications platforms.

Motorola provides a full range of managed services, allowing you to offload operational risk, cost and management responsibilities for improved system performance and a sharper focus on your mission.