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Electric utilities are modernizing their distribution grids to achieve greater supply reliability and to cut operating and maintenance costs. Our Industrial IoT solutions can provide computerized remote control and monitoring at medium-voltage substations and elsewhere on the grid. Using reliable wireless links, RTUs and M2M devices connected to a variety of other operational technologies – PLCs, capacitor bank controllers, transducer-less AC measurement units, fault passage detection units and more – can monitor and control activity throughout the grid.


Specializes in the design and programming of process & control solutions in the Nordic Region (Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Greenland, Finland and Iceland). Should you need to monitor your plant remotely or from a central location, Datamatik will deliver a control room configured to your needs. The team's core expertise is in the programming of the Motorola Solutions SCADA products (ACE1000) and deployment of secure radio infrastructures such as Mototrbo, Tetra and Nodnett. The company's competitive advantage is in PLC SCADA automatic code generation for Motorola RTUs and dynamic alarm grouping techniques ISA 18.2

See the list of Industrial Internet of Things applications on our company's homepage.

Global Data Specialists
With award winning SCADA and irrigation controller solutions, Global Data Specialists primarily serves customers in the water and wastewater, electric utility and defense industries with experience in a variety of other areas as well. As one of Motorola’s largest value added resellers, they offer Motorola RTUs and radios, programming services, Wonderware software integration, and related products and services such as sensors and instrumentation, fabrication, repairs,  training and technical support. 

Star Controls
As a leading provider of comprehensive SCADA and communication systems solutions for water, electric utilities and other markets, Star Controls provides sophisticated, technologically advanced solutions and services using the most cost effective methods to the telecommunications public and enterprise sectors. Its StaRTU software reduces the time and engineering efforts to deploy a SCADA system, while improving its availability, maintainability and longevity.

Utilities Instrumentation Service
Who are they? UIS is Electrical Engineers and Field Service Technicians. Their Technicians are selected among the brightest Electricians, trained and tooled to think like an Engineer and execute like professional technicians. Their Engineers are trained and tooled to take projects from concept, design, build and commissioning. What do they do?  They are the ONE STOP for Electrical Services. Their services include calibrating, maintaining, optimizing, troubleshooting, programming, engineering and planning of instrumentation, controls, electrical apparatus and systems.