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Digital Evidence Management

Maximize the value of digital evidence

CommandCentral Vault is the foundation for an evidence-based operation. With it, simplify content management, quickly review case evidence and share it - securely and seamlessly with partners to ensure justice is achieved.

Ensure justice is always achieved.

Managing the influx of video, images, audio and other content from a variety of different systems can cause a lot of strain for your team. But now, more than ever, this content is vital to accomplishing the right criminal justice outcomes.

CommandCentral Vault is a cloud-based solution for aggregating and intelligently organizing all of your agency's digital content in one place. This way, it can be more easily managed, quickly reviewed and shared to ensure justice is achieved.

Simplify Content Management

No more system-hopping and no more disparate workflows means no need to worry about hiring more records staff. With all of your content available in one place, your team can easily find anything they need with a Google-like search. They can even save searches that dynamically update with any new content.

To control access to content, strict permissions and access groups can be set. Also, flag or mark for review content that needs special attention.

To then alleviate the burden of purging or setting retention schedules on all of your content, tag-based retention logic can be used to automate the process.

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Quickly Review Case Evidence

Seconds count when a case is open. To facilitate faster review of case evidence, intelligent correlation to CAD and RMS data compiles all evidentiary content related to an incident into a case folder for detectives - alleviating the burden of manually compiling it or the risk of evidence falling through the cracks.

Content mapping then adds context to the digital evidence and provides insight about how the incident was responded to for quicker understanding.

Notes and annontations can then be added to content, and for videos can be time-stamped, to help in quicker identification of valuable information.

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Seamlessly Share & Collaborate

Your content is only as good as it is admissible. Easily send case content to partners with chain of custody in tact. Sharing with prosecutors, other agencies and the community can be facilitated through their own instance of CommandCentral Vault or an email link with an accompanying audit log. 

In order to make use of the systems you may already have in place, you can also easily download content and audit logs to be reviewed and shared.

For FOIA requests, automated redaction is also available to quickly protect personally identifiable information before content is shared publicly.

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Source Agnostic

CommandCentral Vault can access content from any source via native integrations with our own portfolio, 3rd party connectors or manual file uploading. This provides you with the single pane of glass you need to make the most of your digital content.


Intelligently Organized

By leveraging tags, file metadata and integration with your CAD and RMS, content is easier to search, manage and review. This saves time and resources that can be put to use on more value-added, rather than administrative tasks.


Delivered As-A-Service

Cloud-based software-as-a-service is cost effective and optimizes your operation by being secure and reliable while delivering new capabilities regularly. It also allows us to iterate and implement feedback to create a product that better meet your needs.


The Digital Evidence Ecosystem

Simplify digital evidence capture with our software and cameras, designed to work seamlessly and securely with CommandCentral Vault.



    Expand your ability to capture law-enforcement-grade digital evidence with the simplicity of a smartphone.

  • TipSoft-Brand-Story


    Anonymously receive tips and evidence and engage in a two-way dialogue with citizens in your community.

The First Step Toward Next-Gen Records Management


The definition of a record is changing...

No longer is it just the forms and reports an officer completes - names, time, date, location, description, but the video, audio, images, sensor data and more that were captured throughout the incident lifecycle.

All of this information, easily collected and visualized together, provides officers with more time to connect with the citizens they serve and the necessary clarity for investigators and prosecutors to close more cases. It is also becomes the foundation for analysts and command staff to derive the insights that prevent more crime from occurring in the future. 

CommandCentral Vault is just a building block in this evolution. Click to hear more from Rohan Galloway-Dawkins, Director of Records & Evidence Product Management on next-generation records management. And, for more information visit

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