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CommandCentral Jail

CommandCentral Jail is the cornerstone of an intelligent jail. Benefit from streamlined offender intake, improved awareness and greater confidence that inmates are accurately released.

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Make rehabilitation safe and successful

Stretch your resources further with a completely secure corrections management system that is officer-oriented and built to integrate with your RMS for streamlined intake, improved awareness and accurate release resulting in safe, successful rehabilitation.

Streamline booking

Streamline booking

Reduce the time it takes to successfully receive an offender and get them behind bars using pre-populated fields and a configurable booking checklist.

Officer awareness

Improve officer awareness

Increase awareness and safety for both your officers and the inmates you’re responsible for. Easily track inmate activity, location and status.

Inmate release

Release inmates confidently

Easily keep track of time-served, time credits and work orders. The release checklist and biometric verification features ensure the right person is released.

Features that support when you need it most

Better Experience

Refocus on rehabilitation by using a jail management software solution that is built specifically for corrections officers.

Booking inmates with jail software

Our jail software is designed to reduce the time it takes to successfully receive an offender and get them behind bars.

Managing inmates software

Our software provides you with access to the information you need, when you need it, keeping you more aware in any situation.

Biometric scanning inmate release

Release inmates confidently, knowing they have served their complete sentence and are ready for re-entry into the community.

Automated pre-booking

Information from the arrest report is automatically pre-populated into the system before prompting your officers for any further details, saving valuable time.

Booking checklist

The booking checklist is configure to meet your jail’s individual needs and guide your team to book offenders quickly and efficiently, saving time and energy.

File capture

Images and other files are easily added to a record by dragging and dropping into the correct field from a hard drive, scanner directory or network location.

Dynamic assessments

Guided assessments help your officers to determine the correct living arrangements for each inmate and their supervision requirements.

Inmate profile

The comprehensive inmate profile includes flags, medical details and requests so you can keep up-to-date on an inmate's activities and current status.

Event management

Simplify your inmate and corrections management by organizing tasks and flagging information that is pertinent for each officer and their assigned duties.

Tracking and monitoring

Complete logs for cell checks, rounds and inmate activity all in one place using an Android application, making the process quicker and more flexible.

Incident logging

Easily track violations and disciplinary actions by logging events directly into the jail software and then applying the necessary sanctions to each offender.

Intelligent sentencing

Accurately track and account for each inmate’s time served, including those with unique sentences, such as "over the weekend," "night," etc.

Release checklist

The release checklist is configure to meet your jail’s individual needs and guide your team to ensure you have accurate records and are abiding by court orders.

Biometric verification

Confirm an inmate’s identity with absolute certainty using biometric verification, which validates that their fingerprints match those originally taken.

Information sharing

Using CommandCentral Jail , you can easily grant access to offender data to your partner agencies for use in instances such as investigations or field searches.

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