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CommandCentral Investigate

CommandCentral Investigate is a powerful criminal investigation software tool that boosts your agency's ability to solve more crime with data driven insights.

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Uncover more actionable insights

Put big data to work so you can quickly conduct crime analysis, track down leads with more accuracy and effortlessly communicate intelligence across your agency - empowering everyone to fight crime smarter with CommandCentral Investigate.

Track down leads

Speed up investigations

Using advanced searching capabilities, you can access correlated data from multiple sources - without hopping from system to system.

Visualize data trends

Implement data-driven policing

Utilize modern maps to understand current crime trends in your area. Robust dashboard capabilities make it easy to visualize data and make informed decisions.

Improve data sharing

Maximize agency effectiveness

Use the built-in automated reporting capabilities to increase collaboration with outside departments without investing more reporting time and resources.

Advanced features for advanced crime solving

Crime data search

Search through a nationwide database of public records and receive the most accurate search results for quicker investigations.

Investigative linking

Identify non-obvious connections between entities to develop a comprehensive understanding of them.

Investigative analysis

Visualize data to identify crime patterns then deep-dive into it to understand why it’s occurring.

Advanced search fields

Quickly find information on people, vehicles and phone numbers with 99.99% accuracy to get the intelligence you need to fuel your investigation.

Accurint® for law enforcement

Receive an enterprise-wide license to Accurint for Law Enforcement, providing more detailed public record searches for your entire agency.

Public data safety exchange

Access 816+ million records from agencies across the country to help users build a complete picture of individuals, locations and incidents.


LexID®, a patent-pending linking technology, takes multiple data sources for each record type to deliver the data that is most relevant to an investigation.

Immediate usage

Realize connections immediately since records are linked as they are brought into the system, resulting in faster report delivery.

Relatives and associations

Expand the investigative picture using the “Relatives and Associations” advanced linking capability to find other sources that would otherwise be missed.

Robust visualizations

Intuitively present vast amounts of data across dashboards with various graphical widgets and maps, as well as dive deep into underlying crime details.

Advanced filtering

Hone in on the exact data you want to examine within a larger graph or dashboard by using simple yet extensive controls to define data parameters.

Dashboard sharing

Effortlessly share and communicate dashboards between users to ensure everyone has the same insights to correctly analyze crime trends and patterns.

Next generation investigation software

10,000+ sources

Access billions of public records from 10,000+ public sources to aid your investigations

4,000+ agencies

The public records search portal is used by 4,000+ federal, state and local law enforcement agencies

45% faster

Experience speed and flexibility with streamlined searches that are 45% faster

99.99% accuracy

Quickly find information on people, vehicles, businesses, etc. with 99.99% accurate search results

Experience our next generation criminal investigation software


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