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Connected Technology. Connected Teams.
Protected Borders.

Our borders are complex, spanning land, sea, and air with numerous entry points spread among rugged terrain. Motorola Solutions reduces complexity, helping you seamlessly distill and disseminate information across teams in real time. One powerful operations platform unifies voice, video and data in one common view so you always have the right mix of technology and intelligence before, during and after operations.

The Border Security Suite: Maximize Today's Investment. Accelerate the Future.

What if you could get much more value from your existing surveillance systems?

What if you could make more sense of threats at the edge? Helping you respond faster, more intelligently, and more accurately than ever before. Download our new whitepaper to learn how the Border Security Suite seamlessly integrates with your existing surveillance ecosystem to produce game-changing new situational intelligence capabilities. Discover how the Suite allows you to accelerate your future plans while maximizing today’s investment.


When voice, video, and data systems come together in one converged security and information management platform, you unleash new value from your existing systems. You get the most out of your personnel, resources, and technology while streamlining border patrol and port of entry operations.

With BORDER PROTECT’s integrated operations platform:

  • Receive actionable, real-time intelligence in a common operating picture driven by an advanced analytics and correlation engine
  • Share real-time video and data over any device
  • Automate standard operating procedures with dynamic workflows
  • Leverage public and private data sources for advanced queries
  • Automatically generate activity logs for records management and performance
  • Gain multi-layered cybersecurity and information assurance


Our full-length demo provides an in-depth look at our Border Security
solution features and functionality in action.

Border Protect delivered in partnership with


Illegal Crossings

Overcome physical limitations with advanced technologies. Streamline operations. Ensure reliable cross-agency communication. With Motorola Solutions, one powerful operations platform helps you amplify your presence and maintain control over our vast border regions before, during, and after an enforcement action.

Border Checkpoints

Anticipate threats before they near a port of entry. More effectively conduct operations to contain them. Motorola Solutions offers a powerful operations platform that allows you to efficiently identify threats to our national security while facilitating lawful trade and commerce.


Efficiently assess large geographies and rugged terrain. Keep multiple agency teams connected. Respond to distress alerts with enhanced situational awareness. Motorola Solutions’ powerful operations platform helps you more effectively respond to emergencies before, during, and after a rescue mission.


Securing the global supply chain is essential to our national security. Doing so efficiently is vital to economic prosperity. Motorola Solutions provides a powerful operations platform to help you streamline threat identification and mitigation in all phases of your mission.

Airport Customs

Benefit from enhanced contextual awareness of people and cargo entering the U.S. Ensure your focus remains on the right people at the right time. With Motorola Solutions, one powerful operations platform lets you prioritize and mitigate threats throughout all phases of your mission.

Planned Events

Conduct operations with optimal contextual awareness. Support your advance teams with advanced intelligence during event planning. Identify threats at the event faster, using real-time intelligence. Motorola Solutions offers a powerful operations platform that allows you to always stay a step ahead before, during, and after an event.