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The power of great design

Create a safer world for your community by utilizing intuitive products and applications designed around the human experience - from ideation to implementation.

Helping Keep People Safer Through Great Design

For us, human-centered design is more than just a hashtag. It’s integral to everything we are and everything we do, from our outside-in approach we use in research to the human-centered technology we build for the critical moments you face every day.

hcd for communities

Your Mission is Our Mission

We share the same drive to make the world a safer place. We come to work with confidence that our efforts have a direct impact on the safety of our communities.

hcd experience

Your Experience is Our Experience

We look at each problem holistically to understand the surrounding context. Hand-in-hand, we highlight hidden complexities and envision potential solutions.

hcd leads to success

Your Success is Our Success

We develop familiar and intuitive solutions that augment human capabilities, reduce the cognitive load and simplify the job, all on a consistent user interface.

We believe in Human-Centered Design - and we wanted all of America to know it.

Our design process for Smart Transcription is featured in an episode of 𝘈𝘮𝘦𝘳𝘪𝘤𝘢 𝘣𝘺 𝘋𝘦𝘴𝘪𝘨𝘯.

The Benefits of Human-Centered Design

We are setting the standard for how safety personnel experience the applications and equipment they use every day, whether it’s routine reporting or a life-or-death situation. Our human-centered design approach helps us uncover the underlying challenges that interfere with your success and develop intuitive solutions to help you better meet those challenges.

Intuitive solutions

We develop intuitive solutions that augment human capabilities and reduce the learning curve.

Simplified Workflows

Our products simplify the job to be done, especially when it matters most.

Reduced cognitive load

Our insights into high velocity human factors (HVHF) mean that in high-stress situations, our solutions only present the most pertinent information in a highly accessible manner.

Human-centric design innovation

How does human-centered design thinking improve mission-critical solutions?

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Our Human-Centered Design Process

As a company, we invest heavily in research. Our unique outside-in approach to problem solving is essential and our dedicated resources and countless hours of research are truly unmatched in the industry. We believe that design is a collaborative endeavor. Together, we envision solutions and potential futures by aggressively challenging assumptions.

Curiosity and Humility

We approach customer challenges with curiosity and humility because we know you work in high-stress circumstances that we will never experience.

Immersive Research

We work alongside you, using immersive research to discover gaps and hidden complexities we might never find on our own.

Continuous Innovation

We continue to learn and iterate even after delivery to ensure that solutions keep meeting your team’s ever evolving needs.

Join an award-winning team of designers and help shape a safer world.

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human-centered design matters quote

We never want the products we build to dictate the workflows of our customers. We want the workflows of our customers to dictate the products we build.

human-centered designer and researcher

Marisa Goliber

Head of UX Design at Motorola Solutions


HCD at Motorola Solutions brochure

Detailed look at our in-house design methodology.

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