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Stay ahead of your adversaries, outsmart them and dominate the electromagnetic spectrum with solutions from one of the world’s most trusted communication companies.

Trickster Payload System: run multi-domain ISR missions on Group 1-5 UASs.

Win the battle across the spectrum terrain

We provide the tools you need to increase situational awareness and enhance realtime intelligence. Our cutting edge technologies, including tactical, small SWaP SIGINT and EW products, fill mission critical gaps for the U.S. Federal Government.

Custom made EW solutions

Our EW solutions allow you to disrupt, deny and deceive adversarial signals while protecting and securing friendly communications. With realtime intelligence, you can better accomplish your mission, protect our Nation and save lives in the process.

Mission ready SIGINT products

Designed with operator input, our SIGINT products feature intuitive user interfaces and take advantage of advanced algorithms, bringing innovative solutions to the tactical edge. Modular and upgradable, these capabilities scale as requirements evolve.

Air based solutions to stay ahead of the adversary

Our focus on small SWaP makes it possible to take powerful ground-based ISR solutions to the air. Our AI algorithms and SDRs bring RF capabilities to multiple air platforms including Group 1 to Group 5 UASs.

Tailor the mission to your unique requirements

From hardware to software, from manpackable to rack mounted, from DC to 66 GHz with 1 GHz or more of instantaneous bandwidth, from commercial signals to the most advanced waveforms, our Applied Technology engineering team tackles your real world challenges.

Customized and collaborative engineering

Shorten the timeline from prototype to first unit. Engineers and system architects, with the right security clearances, partner with you to solve the problem, and bring mission ready designs to reality in our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility.

SDRs utilizing custom RF ICs

Software upgradeable capabilities on a common platform allow you to choose from the entire suite of SIGINT, ISR and EW applications and quickly switch between applications as needed. Industry leading RF ICs, designed in house, fulfill mission demands.

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Best in class SWaP

Go wherever your mission takes you with equipment built by people who are experts in extremely small size, weight and power. Our solutions scale to meet your needs, enabling amazing capabilities at the tactical edge.

Benefit from our partnership with the U.S. Govt.

From prototype to assembly line, Motorola Solutions’ Applied Technology group has been providing cutting edge technology to the U.S. Government for over 65 years.

In house ISO 9001:2015 certified manufacturing

Applied Technology’s U.S.-based facility has ISO 9001 certified manufacturing and test capability, including automated Printed Circuit Board assembly, IPC qualified manual assembly, electrical/RF system testing and environmental/reliability testing.

Standards based designs

While solutions can be customized to meet mission needs, other offerings are designed to be modular and comply with technical standards (such as CMOSS, OpenVPX™ and SOSA™), allowing them to harmoniously fit within a larger architecture.

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Innovative capabilities at the tactical edge

Low SWaP, high performance SDRs

Process radio technologies and frequencies from TETRA to 5G in a single platform via VIPER’s flexible front end and commercial RF connectors. Weighing just a pound, it’s ideal for quick low SWaP deployment in any environment.

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Industry leading, ultra wide frequency ranges

Stream up to 1 GHz of instantaneous bandwidth to a host device and develop your application with the NS-1 transceiver. Utilize ultra-wide tuning from 2 MHz to 30 GHz. NS-1 is featured in Breaking Defense.

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Application diverse platform, proven CMOSS solution

Deploy powerful SDR capabilities in an OpenVPX™ 3U form factor using the VIPER 3U-VPX-14. Designed to save space in rack mounted systems, our unit supports the U.S. Army's CMOSS initiative.

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UAS payloads

Provide a private LTE network with our ultra low SWaP payloads. Our payloads allow you to bring ISR missions to the field using a Group 1 UAS.

AI powered survey tool and applications

Use artificial intelligence to provide signal classification at 10 times the speed of traditional methods with 99% precision. Commercial and custom applications are available.

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Support services and training

Get your team up to speed and get the most out of our solutions with onsite training from our experts. Customized support services are also available to ensure you are mission ready.

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Viper Datasheet

Viper Datasheet

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