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CommandCentral Jail

Maintain Order.
Keep The Peace.

CommandCentral Jail is the cornerstone of corrections. Streamline offender intake, improve officer awareness and ensure inmates are properly and accurately released to make rehabilitation safe and successful.

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Make rehabilitation safe and successful.

A lack of resources is always pushing your staff to their limits. But are you now struggling to address new problems like overcrowding and mental illness? This mounting stress creates a vicious cycle that puts the corrections process at risk.

CommandCentral Jail is completely secure corrections management that is officer-oriented and built to integrate with your systems to streamline intake, improve awareness and ensure accurate release for safe, successful rehabilitation.


Streamline Offender Intake

Reduce the time it takes to successfully receive an offender and get them behind bars. Booking can start from the moment an arrest report is created in the field and pre-populate with the information that has already been captured.

From there, a configurable booking checklist integrated with other third party systems for booking photos, evidence collection and more can ensure a consistent procedure is followed to get an offender processed quickly.

With the growing emphasis on mental health, dynamic assessments during intake can help you ensure offenders are housed and supervised properly.

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Improve Officer Awareness

Provide the safest environment for both your officers and the inmates you’re responsible for. A daily event view surfaces all relevant information that officers need to accomplish tasks - no more, no less. Paired with a comprehensive inmate profile, officers can also be more aware of who they are dealing with.

Also, easily track inmate activity, location and status with integrations to other systems you use in your jail and through the use of barcode scanners. 

For any incidents that do occur, support for logging and disciplinary action enables your team to sanction inmates and flag them to avoid future issues.

Release Inmates Confidently

Be certain inmates have served their sentence and are ready for release. Dynamic scheduling that accommodates for more complex sentencing allows you to easily keep track of time-served, good-time credits and work orders.

Similar to booking, the release checklist, with features like biometric verification, ensures a consistent process is followed and the right person is released.

All inmate information can then be shared with partner agencies to help keep officers more aware the next time the offender is pulled over and detectives more informed if the individual is identified in a future case.

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While jail management software is typically designed by location, we know your team might wear multiple hats. So, we focus our development around the user and simplifying their workflows - from intake to rounds to release.


Built to Integrate

To provide your team with the vital insights they need to be successful, we source information from arresting officers, partner agenices or even third party systems, and inject it directly into workflows to improve awareness and efficiency.


Completely Secure

Access to and protection of your information is controlled by parameters you set and meets CJIS requirements. Even in multi-agency deployments, strict permissions can be set to control access to information while still making it easy to share.


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