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Teldio Edge Gateway

Teldio Edge Gateway supporting custom solutions.

The Teldio Edge Gateway can be utilized to build solutions tailored to the exact needs of our customers as it has the ability to work with a variety of inputs and outputs, offering a plethora of possible custom solutions.

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Teldio Edge Gateway

The Teldio Edge Gateway is a cost-effective, highly customizable hardware platform. It can be utilized to build a solution tailored to the exact need of our customers, as well as offering our customers a variety of pre-configured solutions.

With the ability to work with a variety of inputs and outputs the Teldio Gateway offers a plethora of possible custom solutions

Use Cases & Benefits

  • Customizable: The Teldio Edge Gateway is a highly customizable platform with a variety of inputs and outputs, offering custom and pre-configured solutions.
  • Avigilon video integration: Leveraging the power of both the Teldio Edge Gateway and Avigilon Control Center (ACC), Teldio video solutions extend the power of video analytic events by triggering actions in a wide range of external systems.
  • Wireless Panic Buttons/Badges and Sensors: Use a variety of sensors and buttons that Teldio offers to trigger alarm events and send alarm notifications through the Teldio Edge Gateway. The triggering devices work over WiFi, Bluetooth or Mesh technology. 

  • Frequent use cases include:
  1. Avigilon: When critical equipment is moved or an ‘object of interest’ enters or loiters in a specific area, the entire world of connected devices can be engaged to call, text, record, trace, track, monitor, report, etc. Likewise, when external events occur, ranging from sensing impact, vibration, and pressure to detecting changes in temperature, air quality, gas levels, light levels, or moisture, Avigilon Control Center - via the Teldio Edge Gateway - can be actioned to trigger camera movement, bookmark video, notify client monitoring stations, etc.

  2. Wireless Sensors: Monitor a prison’s door system via a dry contact sensor that sends the signals over the air and notify command center personnel. 

  3. Wireless Panic Buttons: Use discreetly mounted panic buttons at a hotel front desk to raise alarms by sending silent signals over the air to notify security radios immediately. 

  4. IoT Badge: Allow employees to press a button on the IoT badge to check in/check out of a shift or to acknowledge the receipt of an alarm and automatically have the event logged and recorded. 

  5. Utilize the Teldio Alarm Management System’s (AMS) to monitor fire/weather alarms and generate an alert over the PA system.

  6. Implement Teldio Lone Worker (LW) or Teldio Man Down Notifier (MDN) applications to enable safer work environments for workers who work alone or in dangerous environments so that supervisors, security and law enforcement are notified when an accident occurs.
  • Quick, easy deployments
  • Highly customizable
  • Easy to manage
  • Scalable - easily add on other appications and solutions
  • Flexible - on-prem hardware, on-prem server, hosted options
  • Ever growing list of supported inputs and outputs. 
  • Quick configuration
  • Built in Apps and Customizable Apps. 

Radio Hardware / Releases Compatibility

  • Up to 2 XPR 5000/e Series Radio as Control Station(s) to send text and/or audio to any MotoTRBO Radios.

Computer Hardware / Operating Systems

  • The Teldio Edge Gateway is its own hardware platform with built in software programming.

IP Technology

  • IP connections may be needed depending on the input/output methods of the systems. Information will be provided on a per deployment basis.


  • Additional interfaces may be required depending on the input/output methods of the systems to which the Teldio Edge Gateway integrates. Information will be provided on a per deployment basis.

System Architecture

  • IP Site Connect
  • Capacity Plus
  • Linked Capacity Plus
  • Connect Plus
  • Capacity Max