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NeoConnex Fleet Manager

Innovating Fleet Management: NeoTerra's Story

Innovating Fleet Management: NeoTerra's Story

Learn how NeoTerra's Fleet Manager transforms fleet operations with seamless integration and advanced features, revolutionizing the industry.

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NeoTerra's neoConneX Fleet Manager is the ultimate solution for precision fleet management, designed to meet the needs of a diverse range of industries. Whether you're in manufacturing, mining, utilities, transportation, municipalities, hospitality, or security, our fleet manager is tailored to streamline your operations and maximize efficiency. 

With plug-and-play functionality, seamless integration, and real-time GPS tracking, the neoConneX Fleet Manager provides complete visibility into your fleet's location and performance. Customized reporting allows for informed decision-making, while mapping flexibility ensures accurate navigation using a wide range of mapping sources, including your own GIS systems.

Our fleet manager is compatible with all MOTOTRBOTM system configurations, ensuring smooth integration with your existing infrastructure. SNMP integration with GW3-TRBO enhances your network's efficiency, while seamless integration into AVTEC dispatch Console streamlines operations.

In addition, Fleet Manager offers integration with third-party applications to further enhance its functionality. For utilities, integration with Milsoft and NISC facilitates outage management. School boards benefit from integration for route management, while manufacturing industries can leverage SCADA SNPP alerts.

Whether you operate a small fleet or a large enterprise, the neoConneX Fleet Manager offers redundancy options for maximum system reliability. Operate as a single unit or in a 1:1 redundant mode, and combine with neoConneX multiGate for a fully featured, integrated solution.

  • Easily integrate appliance into your fleet.
  • See where your fleet is and how it's performing.
  • Reports tailored to your needs.
  • Various mapping sources.
  • Compatible with MOTOTRBOTM systems.
  • Integrate with Genesis GW3-TRBO.
  • Integrate with AVTEC dispatch Console.
  • Single or 1:1 redundant mode.
  • Combine with other neoConneX products.
  • Plug and Play
  • Real-Time GPS Tracking
  • Customized Reporting
  • Mapping Flexibility
  • MOTOTRBOTM Compatibility
  • SNMP Integration
  • Dispatch Console Integration
  • Redundancy Options
  • Companion Product

Radio Hardware/ Release Compatibility

  • MOTOTRBOTM Radios and Repeaters that support the latest firmware updates
  • If using Control Stations to connect to radio network, the radios used must be able to connect to the FleetManager via USB. FleetManager supports up to 4 Voice Control Stations and up to 4 Data Control Stations.

Computer Hardware/ Operating Systems

  • The FleetManager is a turn key solution designed to be rack mounted. Unit is 2U in height. System configuration is done through the use of a web based user interface.

IP Technology

  • For Connect Plus IP connection to XRC required.
  • For Capacity MAX IP connection to CMSS and MNIS required. Recommend MNIS be on the same network as the FleetManager.
  • For Connecting to a IP Site Connect or Linked Capacity Plus system using IP, a IP connection to a system with both MNIS and DDMS is required. Recommend the system with MNIS and DDMS be on the same network as the FleetManager.


  • If using MNIS to connect to IP Site Connect or Linked Capacity Plus NAI Data licence is required for all repeaters in the network.

System Architecture

  • IP Site Connect, Capacity Plus, Linked Capacity Plus, Connect Plus, Capacity Max.

Other Requirements

  • For live addresses neoConneX Geocoder is recommended.
  • PC’s used to access the Website require internet access for use of Google, Bing, or OpenStreetMap (OSM) mapping.
  • User provided API key required for use with Google and/or Bing mapping.
  • We recommend using Chrome, Firefox, or Edge to access web interfaces.