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Monitoring and Control System for Electrical Utilities

Monitor and Control distribution automation functions in Electric Utilities

Electic Utilities can deploy Global Data Specialists & Motorola's IIoT SCADA systems to monitor various field data and control distribution automation equipment such as line switches, control reclosures (i.e. cooper switches) and motor-operated air breaks (MOABs)

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Motorola SCADA systems offer timely and actionable information to Electric Utilities operations personnel so that they can meet their customer demands in a reliable, cost effective and expeditious manner. Global Data Specialists' Distribution Automation application enables Electric Utilities to deploy Motorola SCADA systems in their networks for:

1. Line switching operations
2. Control reclosure operations (i.e. Cooper Switches), and
3. Utilizing Motor Operated Air Breaks (MOAB).

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Minimizes the requirement for a lineman to have to go on site. Electric Utilities utilize the built-in capability of the system’s power supply to detect loss of incoming power as a first indicator of line failure.

The Communications interface to the Cooper Switch provides status information about the switching equipment to operations personnel at the network operations center who can respond to field events and alerts immediately.

The application seamlessly interacts with reclosure equipment which provides sectionalizing benefits allowing utilities to restore power quickly in the event of power loss..

The systems’ 3rd party communication protocols and ports offers utilities the capability to interface to Intelligent Electronic Devices and smart sensors for robust monitoring and control.

RTUs monitor power for power lines ranging from 12KV to 115KV.

The application communicates with either a Standard or Triple-Single Cooper Switch, and monitors the heartbeat of the switch every minute. If the heartbeat status does not change within 2 minutes, the application reports that as failed communication with the switch. Each Motorola RTU remote controller supports one Cooper Switch, and each Field Interface Unit supports up to 32 switches.

RTUs that are used for sectionalizing have custom logic programmed in them. This capability, combined with support for 3rd party communication protocols such as MODBUS and DNP3, allows RTUs to interface to Cooper Switches and other reclosure equipment.

• Radio Hardware/ Releases Compatibility.

Any - analog or digital, P25 or TETRA or DMR. The communications capabilities and flexibility of Motorola SCADA systems allows customers to interface to a variety of communication methods such as VHF, UHF, 800MHz, and 900MHz radio systems either Analog or Digital; Cell Modems; Ethernet; and RS232/RS485. Multiple communications options enables utilities to reach out from their main operations centers to the furthest and/or remotest locations in their distribution network.

• Computer Hardware /Operating Systems.

Wide variety of PC hardware environements and HMI applications supported; Can also build custom turnkey systems

• IP Technology.

Serial or IP interface with computer possible

• Interfaces