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Motorola Solutions & the Environment Motorola Solutions & the Environment Motorola Solutions & the Environment

Motorola Solutions & the Environment

We build programs based on public policy, stakeholder imperatives & organizational values that aim to enable us to tackle global sustainability issues.

Our approach

We strive to stay abreast of top environmental issues that affect our operations and the communities we serve. We remain focused on matters such as climate impact and waste reduction. We aim to identify and address a wide array of factors that impact the sustainability of the communities we inhabit.



We focus on footprint optimization & energy reduction in our facilities. We look for ways to reduce water & energy consumption while reducing waste.



We consider environmental impacts in the design of our products & work across all stages of the lifecycle to reduce carbon footprint & improve efficiency.

Supply Chain

Supply Chain

To enhance the sustainability of our products, we expect our suppliers to align with our goals & work with them to build their environmental acumen.

Our environmental pillars

We set goals in an effort to minimize environmental footprint & prioritize the wellbeing of our workforce. We developed six pillars to exemplify our values & reach our goals.

Climate impact

We have a shared responsibility for minimizing climate impact & we have set goals to limit our contribution to average global temperature increases. We utilize carbon risk analysis, stakeholder engagement & science-based methodologies to drive carbon reduction across our value chain.

Compliance & remediation

At Motorola, we engage the legal & regulatory frameworks needed to continue the environmental remediation efforts of our historical manufacturing & waste disposal sites. We participate in a range of activities to ensure that sites where we have operated are restored to an acceptable condition.

Sustainable design & product stewardship

We consider several key environmental design principles when developing products for our customers. Among other things, we look to comply with all laws & regulations, use environmentally preferred materials, & improve the energy efficiency of our products.

Safe & sustainable operations

Motorola Solutions is committed to having a positive impact on the environment within our global real estate footprint. Our key sites have ISO 14001 certified environmental management systems. We aim for continuous improvement to ensure we are providing safe & sustainable work environments.

Sustainable supply chain

We are committed to human rights, supplier diversity, fair labor practices, ethical sourcing and minimal environmental impact throughout our supply chain.We actively engage our suppliers on their environmental performance and work to integrate sustainability into our purchasing decisions.

Community & employee engagement

At Motorola Solutions, our employees are driven by their commitment to help people in the moments that matter.This mindset extends to the environment & we work to provide our employees with the opportunity to learn about sustainability topics as well as engage with their local communities.

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