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At Motorola Solutions we prioritize the sustainability of our products

At Motorola Solutions we prioritize the sustainability of our products

We consider environmental impacts in the design of our products and work across all stages of the lifecycle to reduce the environmental impact.

Our sustainable design principles

Governments, enterprises and communities around the world rely on our technology to keep our cities safer, our businesses thriving and our world moving forward. Sustainable products are essential to ensuring the next generation will continue to benefit from a healthy environment. We incorporate the following design principles when developing products:

Design for longevity

Our products are designed to have long lives, which is why we offer software upgrades and repair services to prolong their useful life and reduce waste.

Responsible materials selection

In addition to reducing hazardous materials in our products, we work on increasing recyclable content and minimizing packaging.

Improve energy efficiency

We work to continuously improve the energy efficiency of our products to minimize operating costs for our customers and reduce the carbon footprint of our products.

Materials management

We work to reduce hazardous substances in our products and find environmentally-sound alternatives, without compromising performance and quality.

SCIP: Substances of concern in articles as such or in complex objects (Products)

Companies that produce, import or supply articles to the EU market containing “Substances of Very High Concern” have to register with the SCIP database. Motorola Solutions leverages our material content data to fulfill this regulatory requirement.

Controlled and reportable materials disclosure process

The 1202897W18 specification (“W18”) sets forth Motorola Solutions' materials disclosure requirements and acceptance criteria for items and materials used in the manufacture and delivery of products to Motorola customers.

Avigalon Camera above a warehouse

We recycle our products & batteries for our customers to ensure they are disposed of correctly. See our product recycling page for more information

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