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What if you could

Extend communication and collaboration across interoperable Project 25 (P25) networks?

Stay Connected with ISSI Interoperable Communications

As threats become more complex and span wider areas, your need for instant multi-jurisdictional collaboration has never been greater. With ASTRO 25 ISSI, you can extend your communication and collaboration across interoperable P25 systems, regardless of manufacturer or frequency, while you maintain full autonomy and control over your system, talkgroups and radio IDs. Extend your voice and data communication over wider areas, and stay in contact with resources back home while you roam with ASTRO 25 ISSI.

Extend communication capabilities across disparate P25 networks.

Operate across different frequency bands.

Maintain full autonomy and control over your system.

Maintain communications and data connection with roaming personnel.

Eliminate the need to use unfamiliar donor radios.

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Application Brief

  • Project 25 Network Interoperability

    With emerging ISSI technology, your Project 25 (P25) system can provide enhanced support for radio users who roam beyond their home networks, whether you are sending help to other jurisdictions or welcoming personnel from other agencies to your community. ISSI can interconnect P25 trunked systems over a large geographic area, allowing dispatchers, commanders, and responders to talk on the same interoperability talkgroups even if they are working hundreds of miles apart.

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