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Nitro Private LTE Network

Nitro enterprise-grade private LTE


SLX 2000 eNodeB

Excellent on-site private LTE coverage


Evolve LTE Handheld

A rugged 3G, 4G LTE and Wi-Fi handheld built for enterprise


A high-powered eNodeB for the outdoors and harsh environments

The SLX 5000 is a high-powered, compact, Pico-class eNodeB, available with or without an integrated RF antenna, providing high-speed coverage in the outdoors and hot or dusty environments, and is mountable on either a wall or a pole. It connects to other components via Ethernet or fibre backhaul, quickly passing data through the system. The SLX 5000’s integrated GPS receiver enables it to stay synced up to the rest of the network.

Key Features

Improved coverage footprint

Fibre backhaul support

Flexible antenna options

Indoor or outdoor operation

Nitro Private LTE

On-premises enterprise broadband

Nitro offers broadband data speeds, with up to four times the range of Wi-Fi*, so your team can access the network from virtually anywhere on-site, using far fewer access points—whether they’re on densely-packed factory floors, at busy airports or by the loading dock. And since Nitro has twice the capacity of Wi-Fi*, you can add more devices to the network without being constrained by low bandwidth or slow speeds.

*Based on 802.11a standard for 5.0 GHz Wi-Fi

Full management and control

Get full control over your fleet via the Nitro portal—a cloud-based tool that lets you make changes from anywhere. Run network diagnostics, add users and push system updates in just minutes.

Already a customer? Access the Nitro Cloud Portal here.


Product information

Nitro Brochure

Nitro Brochure

Nitro private LTE solution brochure

SLX Series Data Sheet

Nitro SLX Series Datasheet

Nitro SLX Series data sheet

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