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What’s so ‘critical’ about a missing hairdryer?

Created Apr 30 2014, 5:00 AM by Sean Fitzgerald

Critical comms; connected systems; and what they mean for guest satisfaction, ratings and reviews

Well - a missing hairdryer's critical when it really upsets your guest...and it gets more critical the longer it takes you to put it right.

Today's instant access, always available, in-your-hand connectivity has created an expectation of immediate response and on-the-spot service; it's absolutely essential for genuine emergencies, but the little things (like that missing hairdryer) are just as important to your satisfaction ratings and online reviews.

So, how would your communications cope with multiple incidents, all happening at once? Would your staff be calm, controlled and working as a well-organised team, or could signs of muddle, stress and panic creep in? And could better connected systems help you deal with guest requests more effectively and efficiently too?

This is where getting your 'critical comms' just right comes in.

Think of 'critical comms' as useful shorthand for "communications which are critical to the smooth running of my business": those times when if the message doesn't get through, the job doesn't get done.

Say your maintenance electrician is away from his desk, in the basement, with no mobile coverage; or you need a quick, easy and centrally co-ordinated way to allocate tasks to the right staff, wherever they are, inside or out; perhaps you even need to locate a 'missing' colleague?

There's one lucky security guard who slipped on ice out in a remote car park, knocked himself out and was saved by his radio! Its MOTOTRBO™ 'lone worker' feature detected there'd been no activity for 10 minutes, sent an automatic message to his supervisor, who used the radio's built-in GPS locator to find the unconscious man and send help.

Makes you realise just how critical the right communications are, doesn't it?

70% of travellers would be prompted to leave a positive review if hotel staff were friendly and helpful*


In terms of improving your staff communications, of course I'd say upgrade to modern digital MOTOTRBO™ radios. Even a 'simple' voice system can include special features (such as 'lone worker' which saved that guard); it's totally scalable, your new radios will interoperate with the old ones, so you can switch or add one at a time; you can vary the devices, because they all talk to each other.

But to be fair, there are other things you can do right now to improve your communications too.

Download >>

These are just nine of the tips I've been sharing with clients for some years now, covering everything from simplying your procedures to future-proofing your system; it's surprising how the simple things can make such a big difference.

I was going to list them all here, but I realise this blog's getting a little long, so I've made them into a download for you instead.

Share it via email, print it , even 'steal' some points for your communication strategy...I just hope it helps.

In the end, it all comes down to effective staff communications...getting them right increases efficiency, lowers your costs, improves safety and increases guest satisfaction - but could your competitors be stealing a march on you by exploiting the technology already?

How well does your current comms system empower your staff? And when did you last upgrade? Could it be time to think again?

Learn more about 'Transforming Your Guest Expereince Through Improved Staff Communication' in this industry paper >>

Sean Fizgerald is Senior Manager, Solutions Marketing EMEA
Connect with Sean on LinkedIn at


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