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Airwave TPG Messenger was created in response to the need for a more cost-effective, reliable, efficient and secure communications service for emergency responders and public safety users. It’s a fully managed service which leverages the Airwave public safety network and utilises our best in class ADVISOR TPG2200 TETRA two-way pagers.


With demand increasing and budgets constrained, it is crucial that Ambulance Trusts make the most of their resources. That requires being able to respond instantly to any emergency so crews aren’t waiting when they should be mobilised. Airwave Special Coverage Lite extends the reach of your Airwave network into hard to reach operational areas, ensuring that your crew can be reliably reached and efficiently mobilised.


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NHS Confed EXPO - Manchester, June

Emergency Services Show - Birmingham, 7-8 September

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Device As A Service

Device As A Service

We help you keep your ESN devices operational and managed efficiently and effectively with the right level of service.



A world-class mission-critical communication service that is proven to remain operational even in the toughest situations.



We build customers' technical competencies to solve their business needs and maximise return on their MSI investments.

  • Airwave SC Lite Solutions Brief

    Airwave SC Lite saves time by ensuring your crew can respond instantly to emergency situations, even when they are in a poor signal area. Providing optimum levels of coverage and capacity means front line staff can perform more effectively and your organisation is more likely to meet its targets.

  • Device As A Service Brochure

    Our Device As A Service provides a cost-effective end-to-end management solution for all your mobile assets. Using a combination of proactive and reactive methods, supported by Motorola Solutions’ device management platform, we help you keep your ESN devices operational and managed efficiently and effectively with the right level of service.

  • ESN Solutions Brochure

    Faster responses, safer resolutions. The new Emergency Services Network (ESN) will transform public safety in the UK.

  • Case Study - UK Ambulance Hazard Area Response Teams

    Ambulance HART takes TETRA into the inner cordon with Motorola Intrinsically Safe hand-portable radios. “Bearing in mind that we are wearing breathing apparatus and a protective chemical suit for long periods, the intrinsically-safe radios have to be simple to use, and guarantee crystal clear and reliable communications. We need to know that when we press the PTT button, our call will get through…”

  • Case Study - Radios for Ambulance Rescue Helicopters

    Rescue chopper ups safety with radio. St John provides ambulance services throughout New Zealand on land and sea. Northland District provides flight medics who conduct all aspects of water, boat or bush rescue for the rescue helicopter in Northland.

  • Case Study - Integrated GPS, Text and Voice Cut Emergency Response Times

    MOTOTRBO™ delivers integrated GPS, text messaging and voice to cut response times for Tbilisi Medical Emergency Response Service Centre. The centre operates in and around the Georgian capital. The service provides 24/7 emergency medical care for Tbilisi’s 1.3 million citizens from its 120 ambulances and intensive care vehicles.

  • Case Study - Emergency Services Boost Efficiency with Digital Radio

    To improve its two-way radio communications coverage and provide critical services to some 12 million people across Sao Paulo, Brazil’s largest city, the regional emergency medical services organisation Serviço de Atendimento Móvel de Urgência (SAMU) has chosen a MOTOTRBO™ digital radio network with TRBOnet Dispatcher System..


Ambulance Solutions for the UK

Mission critical communications systems have become increasingly complex as more features and capabilities for voice and data applications are introduced. The skills and expertise required to maximise system performance and mitigate risk are not always readily available in-house nor part of the core function of the organisations that depend on them daily. 

We would like to help you take advantage of our expertise.

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