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DIMETRAExpress - TETRA System

The simple TETRA system based on your team's needs

Meet the DIMETRA Express TETRA System -  a simple TETRA communication infrastructure designed for commercial customers. We designed it to be easy to set up and use. Its simplicity is due to integrating the switch and base radios in a one-box or modular system along with web-based applications, a single IP address, and an installation wizard that combine to make set up, configuration, deployment and management a breeze.

Ideal for small scale deployments between one and ten sites it has proven particularly appealing to those in oil and gas, manufacturing, seaports, public transport operators and large sports venues. They are already familiar with the strengths of TETRA, unwilling to compromise on the quality but see great benefit in this new simple option.

Take some time to get familiar with DIMETRA Express and watch the 15 minute set up challege below to fully appreciated all that is simple about the DIMETRA Express TETRA System.  If you’d like to discuss further simply arrange a call with one of our experts.


  • Modular MTS1 and Express Server system
  • All-in-one box MTS2 and MTS4 systems with integrated Experess server


  • Easy to set up, configure and install with a web-based installer
  • Network management is easy using web-based tools, including a system health monitor and simple dispatch application


  • Voice services, short data services, VoIP telephony services, clear authentication, and API's for 3rd party voice logging and dispatch clients.


  • A multi-site system designed to expand in line with your business


  • Robust and reliable, you can depend on DIMETRA communications to be there for your team


  • DIMETRA Express

    DIMETRA Express is a flexible TETRA digital voice and data communications solution.

Business is complicated enough. Shouldn't owning and operating your communication system be simple?

The 15 Minute Challenge

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