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Unique SWAP

Unique-SWAP Control Room Application

Unique-SWAP comes from the word meaning itself: swap, exchange, mix. The application's main aim is to patch different communications channels and technologies such as TETRA and broadband channels. The latter achieved through mobile APP (SWAPP) integration.


Unique-SWAP is a new Eurocom Telecomunicazioni application suite dedicated to control rooms. It is a new tool developed and integrated in close contact with operators, capable of speeding up and meeting the most complete technological and organizational requirements. Unique-SWAP has been designed to support TETRA digital channels. 

Compared to the latest applications on the market, Unique-SWAP is a more dynamic one in terms of features and functionalities.

The operator interface has been designed according to a user-friendly logic and allows easy management of multiple channels and/or radio groups.

Installation flexibility and expansion scalability ensure seamless upgrade of features, channels and operator stations.

The server that will manage all the logical operations of the application and will act as database storage can acquire audio information and data from the radios in the private network, storing and managing the information administered by a potentially unlimited number of clients.

Additional Resources

Supported Languages

  • Voice and data communication over TETRA
  • Distributed architecture: client/server
  • Voice communications recordings and event log
  • Set of audio accessories for client PCs
  • Cross-patch for Voice communications
  • Virtual access to different branded TETRA networks
  • Assets tracking through GPS positioning and maps
  • Broadband integration through mobile APP named SWAPP
  • Channel access through mobile radio
  • Voice communications recording
  • GPS positioning
  • Group calls
  • Private calls
  • Cross patch
  • Event log
  • On-line maps
  • Manual and triggered GPS tracking 
  • Alarms: lone worker and man down
  • Disptacher users database
  • Radio dispatcher database

Radio Hardware/Releases Compatibility:
MTM5000 series control station

Computer Hardware / Operating Systems: 
Windows 10 Pro
Intel Core i3

IP Technology: 
IP connection might be required for distributed deployment, where client and server applications are not on the same PC. 
In case mobile APP is needed server PC must reach either WLAN or Internet.

USB port, one for each MTM control station deployed
Audio channel (input + output), one each MTM control station deployed

System Architecture:
Dimetra IP Scalable 
Dimetra IP Micro 
Dimetra IP Compact

Other Requirements:
USB port for hardware license key