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Ensuring our technical innovations remain firmly aligned with our purpose, core values and ethics.

Motorola Solutions Technology Advisory Committee

As we bring new technologies to market, the technology can progress faster than governing legal and regulatory frameworks. The Motorola Solutions Technology Advisory Committee (MTAC) helps ensure our innovations remain aligned with our purpose and ethics, and consider the broader implications to our customers, the communities we serve and society at large.

Who is part of MTAC?

MTAC is composed of employees from across our organization, including Product, Strategy, CTO, Government Affairs, Legal, Compliance, Sales, and Communications.

What does MTAC do?

MTAC operates as an objective expert group and advisory board within Motorola Solutions, facilitating dialogue to ensure awareness of the potential impact of development decisions.

How is MTAC engaged?

All Motorola Solutions employees are encouraged to raise matters of concern – formally, informally, or anonymously - surrounding how our products are developed, used and distributed.


Code of conduct for data rights and ethics

Motorola Solutions adheres to applicable laws, policies, regulations and its business code of conduct. As technology progresses faster than regulations, MTAC created the data code of conduct to provide guidance on the responsible use of customer data.

Data Code of Conduct

Responsible use of artificial intelligence

As the company continues to innovate with AI, MTAC created a Responsible Use of AI Fact Sheet to provide employees, and the public, with visibility into how AI is being leveraged responsibly from ideation through deployment.

Responsible AI Fact Sheet

Inclusive Solution Employee Advisory Council

An employee-led advisory team, the Inclusive Solution Employee Advisory Council (ISEAC) reviews our solutions and messaging using a diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) lens. This builds user and community trust, ensures social responsibility and addresses global cultural considerations.

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