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Schools should be a place where students can grow and learn. Our mission-critical ecosystem – combining voice, software, video and services – helps schools manage both everyday and critical emergencies.

Safe Schools solutions from detection to response

Create next-generation school safety with four modular blocks of technologies that help schools detect, analyze, communicate and respond. With our mission-critical ecosystem, schools can better respond to everyday incidents and prepare for critical emergencies.

How can you detect who is coming to your school?

Ensuring the safety of your school campus can be a challenge. From controlling comings and goings with access control to monitoring perimeters with license plate recognition, detection plays a critical role in enabling you to see who’s on campus.

How can you analyze activities taking place on your campus?

Proactively monitoring campuses using artificial intelligence is critical to enabling you to take action before an incident occurs. Powerful video analytics connect the dots in your data to identify suspicious activities and search video footage.

How do you instantly communicate with your team?

Communications must be effortless, instant and interoperable. Whether it’s a routine fire drill or an emergency situation, uncompromising communication across devices from radios to cell phones is key to creating a connected campus.

How can you provide a quick and informed first response?

Every second matters when you need to mobilize. Being ready and aware makes a critical difference. A comprehensive action plan ensures your personnel are able to respond calmly and effectively while linking directly with local law enforcement.

Safe Schools

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Discover how our Safe Schools solutions empower Perry Township.

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We thought we were safe only because there were no incidents. It was the reactive piece that schools just lived by. And technology today allows you to preempt that. We know today with the solutions that we've put in with Motorola Solutions that we are safe.

Patrick Mapes

Superintendent, Perry Township Schools

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