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 Utilities Whitepaper

Private LTE meets the demands of critical infrastructure

Utilities are evolving to provide reliable, secure service delivery

Discover how the demand for more reliable telecommunications infrastructure can be met by providing the right data at the right time.

The future of utility operations

Utility operations in 2020 and beyond will demand more reliable telecommunications infrastructure in order to meet the ever-increasing demands for reliable, secure service delivery, while providing the right data at the right time for process analytics.

Utilities Require Broadband

The electric industry is being forced to change its business model by data-driven consumers and smarter technologies.

Need for Change Increasing

The FCC has recently taken a major step by issuing a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking to repurpose the 900 MHz spectrum band for uses by utility and enterprise private networks.

Technology of Choice

A multitude of connectivity choices are available to utilities, but only one can meet all the needs of utilities across their territory for a multitude of applications: Private LTE.

Utilities CTA

See how you can solve your utility telecommunication challenges today.

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As a founding member of the UBBA, Motorola Solutions has been advocating for the secure and reliable broadband networks that are essential to the continued modernization of the digital grid.

Bobbi Harris

Director Of Member Engagement And Operations - Utility Broadband Alliance (UBBA)

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