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Unlock More Power to Defend

Force Protect is a converged security and information management system that delivers a common operating picture of a military installation’s resources and personnel. The installation-wide platform integrates multiple systems to enable real-time voice, video, and data collaboration, allowing commanders, operation centers and first responders to unify workflows and act as one.

IT Networks: Emerging Solutions
for DoD Physical Security

Our NewC4ISRnet E-book Explains How IT Networks Bolster Physical Security and Explores New IT-based Security Technologies on the Horizon

Typically, the security of military assets and bases is thought of in terms of physical barriers. But today, DoD leaders focused on force protection are relying on IT networks and information systems to control entry, track vehicles, and create a stronger understanding of the areas where troops are deployed. This e-book, produced in partnership with C4ISRnet, explores new insights from military leaders, steps the DoD is taking today to bolster security, and exciting future possibilities on the horizon.

Read our new e-book to learn:

  • How IT networks and information systems redefine the network's edge
  • The role of Big Data in base security
  • How new network technologies will impact future physical security
  • IARPA's vision for biometrics and new frameworks for testing, validating, and launching its capabilities
  • Pros and cons of common access controls for authentication
  • New policies which can better support Force Protection objectives

The Power of Converged Security and
Information Management

When voice, video, and data systems come together in one seamless installation-wide platform, you unlock the power of true integration and unleash new value from existing systems.

With Force Protect’s integrated operations platform, installations:

  • Receive actionable, real-time intelligence in a common operating picture driven by an advanced analytics and correlation engine
  • Share real-time video and data over any device
  • Automate standard operating procedures with dynamic workflows
  • Leverage public and private data sources for advanced queries
  • Automatically generate activity logs for records management and performance
  • Gain multi-layered cybersecurity and information assurance

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Force Protect tightly integrates individual base defense systems. When a security event is detected, it automatically triggers relevant actions for each system in the area. The result is a highly intelligent and versatile solution, more powerful than each individual part.

Video Management Systems
Integrate real-time video analytics from any source: fixed, body-worn, or aerial cameras. Conduct advanced searches using key descriptions of an object or person and make correlations across all video inputs.
SCADA Systems
Linked SCADA systems trigger events in other security and information management systems. Plus, they gain access to infrastructure controls when security events are triggered in the area. Inputs include RTUs, programmable controllers, communications infrastructure, and more.
Alarm Systems
Linked alarm systems and control panels trigger other systems in the area when an alarm has been sounded. Operators can manually trigger system alarms or automate the process using an advanced rules engine for standard operating procedures in pre-defined situations.
Military Surveillance Systems
Integrate proprietary military systems to detect and pinpoint threats via sonar, radar, sensor data, motion detection, geospatial, contextual analytics, and more.
Access Control Systems
Linked access controls systems alert operators to unauthorized access attempts. Using an advanced rules engine, they immediately and automatically activate other systems around the access point to provide operators with additional relevant data to increase force.
Computer & IT Systems
Integrate all physical and virtual IT systems to facilitate rapid access to information across infrastructure and device ecosystems including IT networks, network storage, and computer processing and security layers.
Communications Systems
Integrate all communications networks, applications, and devices to visualize resources and personnel in a common operating picture and disseminate information to teams in real-time.

Force Protect Solution Brief

Force Protect Solution Brief

Start a conversation across your installation on the best way to gain more value from your information systems. Our Force Protect solution brief will help you take the next step.