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 Video Solutions

Advanced video capture, management & analysis

We build mission-critical camera systems and networks that have you covered in any disaster. With AI-enabled analytics that constantly learn, you can instantly recognize what’s important and what’s not, keeping you more aware and safe.

Know what’s happening. Act with certainty.

Our robust suite of Video Security and Analytics solutions enable increased situational awareness before a disaster takes place, while it's happening and after the event, so your operations are streamlined and you can respond faster.

Fixed video

When facing a disaster, increased visibility can make a difference when organizing a strategic plan. Fixed video cameras mounted on buildings, street posts and businesses provide that additional information needed to properly assess the situation.

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Video analytics

Whether detecting high water levels or noticing unusual events, our analytics can identify incidents before your operators do. Alert users instantly from numerous camera feeds and pull up the most important feed to properly evaluate the situation.

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Incident management applications

Access all of your video feeds in one streamlined workflow and manage it from the control room. Whether surveying an area while operating video or controlling a drone using software, your team can prepare and verify when a disaster strikes.

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In-car and body-worn video

For responders in the field, video captured from their perspective provides a first-person point of view. Along with in-car video from the vehicle, this can provide a comprehensive look into the disaster, ensuring every angle is covered.

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