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Transform Data With Smart Public Safety Solutions

April is 9-1-1 month. Learn more about the evolution of Next Generation 9-1-1, why it is important for your community and how you can get the process of adopting started. You can also learn about some of the agencies already leading the way.


Reducing uncertainty and guesswork in the command center enables more informed decisions instantly. This not only improves real-time response but also helps prevent and solve crime more quickly. Now you can configure unified workflows adaptable to your evolving mission critical needs with Smart Public Safety Solutions.

Increase Workflow Efficiency from End-To-End

Take advantage of a broad set of capabilities from intelligence that uncovers deeper insights, to records and content management that streamlines data collection and digital evidence management. See how personnel throughout your agency can benefit, together.

Enable Seamless Collaboration

Uncompromising demands and information-sharing needs require thinking beyond siloed and disparate applications. See how Prince George's County uses our platforms to break down barriers that prevent the flow of information to those who need it most.

Maximize Your Investments

Ensure all your investments work together seamlessly to provide you with more value. Leverage existing systems with Smart Public Safety Solutions to extend communication beyond voice, mobilize a faster response and even increase situational awareness.


Waukesha County seeks to better connect and aid citizens in their times of need by introducing text-to-9-1-1 capabilities.

Nashville Emergency Communications Center enhances safety for citizens and tourists in the music city through smart dispatch integration.

Detroit Police Department reduces violent crime by 50% with a public / private video sharing partnership and new real-time crime center.