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CommandCentral AXS

A dispatch console built from the voices behind the mic. More than 5,000 research hours immersed in your workflows. The result? A public safety dispatch experience developed around how you define success.

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Simplify your operations within a single platform

Connect the technologies and organize the data streams overwhelming your dispatch team. Reduce errors and speed responses with an easy-to-use console that’s customizable based on your protocols, roles and locations.

Next Generation Dispatch Experience

Next generation dispatch experience

Simplify training and reduce dispatcher stress with intuitive screens that are easy to learn and use.

Cross Platform Integration

Cross platform integration

Increase accuracy and efficiency with a secure, intuitive console that integrates siloed systems – from radio dispatch and CAD, to mapping and activity logs.

Seamless Multisystem Access

Seamless multisystem access

Count on reliable integration and expanded interoperable communications across networks, including radio and LTE/broadband systems.

Bring clarity to complexity

Dispatch your way with a look and feel custom-calibrated to make sense to your team. Use shift-based configurations and screen layouts for main centers, special events or disaster scenarios.

How dispatch voices influence what we develop

36% gap

Staffing shortages add to 9-1-1 dispatcher stress levels and ongoing overtime

4-6 months

Typical time and resource investment to train a new public safety dispatcher

7 tasks

Managing and switching between too many activities impacts dispatcher performance

5,000 hours

Collaborative research with PSAP teams to identify and test solutions to ease dispatcher overload

What if resources you need and tasks you perform were in one place?



CommandCentral AXS Data Sheet

Read the technical specifications of CommandCentral AXS.

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CommandCentral AXS Brochure

Discover how CommandCentral AXS works the way you do.

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Dispatch Console Accessories

Well designed peripherals built for demanding environments.

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Dispatch Console Furniture

Providing comfort and control in the most stressful moments

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Say Hello To The Future of Dispatch

CommandCentral AXS is built from the voices behind the mic.

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