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New in CommandCentral Notify - Q3 2022

We're excited to review the work done this past quarter to improve the CommandCentral Notify experience for users of CommandCentral Notify, the intuitive, cloud-based notification solution  used to provide critical information to community members, businesses and emergency responders, when every second counts. In this release, we’ve made several improvements with both you and your notification recipients in mind.

Simplify Group Management with Dynamic Groups

The Groups module now includes the option to create Dynamic Groups, which are automatically populated with Contacts, based on user-defined criteria. When building a Dynamic Group, you can set one or more requirements to be queried and the Group members will be automatically updated as Contact information changes. Dynamic Groups make it easier to manage notification recipients, saving time and reducing errors.


Create More Customized Email Messages

We’ve added support for Rich Text Formatting within each custom email message, enabling you to apply various fonts, font sizes and font styles—such as bold, italics and color, which can be applied to emphasize critical information. Email messages can also include hyperlinks for easy, one-click access to important resources.


Allow Email Opt-Out

Notification recipients can now opt-out of future email notifications by clicking on an unsubscribe link which is automatically included in each outbound email. In addition to protecting the integrity of the delivery platform and adhering with best practice spam guidelines, this option provides recipients with a simple solution to stop receiving unwanted emails without flagging them as spam.

For any questions, please reach out to customer support.

New in CommandCentral Notify - Q2 2022

We're excited to review the work done this past quarter to improve the CommandCentral Notify experience for users of the cloud-based platform. For any questions, please reach out to customer support.


We’ve introduced the ability to send messages through FEMA’s Integrated Public Alert and Warning System, also known as IPAWS. This solution provides local authorities with the ability to send emergency and life-saving information to a broader population — without any opt-in requirement from community members. 

For example, we’ve all heard messages, such as severe weather warnings, come across our radios and tvs or received an Amber Alert message about a missing child on our cell phones. These messages are broadcasted to the public through the IPAWS solution, utilizing a mass notification platform such as CommandCentral Notify.



Deliver Messages Across Different Broadcast Pathways

Send emergency and life-saving information to the public through multiple broadcast pathways— Wireless Emergency Alerts (WEA), Emergency Alert System (EAS) and Enhanced Non-Weather Emergency Message (NWEM).

Focus On Specific Geographical Areas
Define recipients by selecting the county, state or by drawing or selecting a geographic area on the map.

Simple Set-Up
Simple workflow to set up and launch IPAWS notifications in minimal, logical steps. You can also create and save pre-built IPAWS scenarios for emergency preparedness.

On-the-Fly Updates
Modify ongoing IPAWS Notifications as circumstances change. Update the Geographic Area or WEA Message content with the most current information.


The filtering capability will allow you to save time and focus only on the contacts that need reaching in each scenario.

Filter Recipients By Notification Preference
This allows you to reduce the contacts selected through a map to only include individuals that have registered for specific types of notifications using the Self Registration Portal (SRP). For example, a notification’s recipients can be limited to contacts that have registered to receive public service announcements.


Filter Recipients By Contact Type

This allows you to reduce the contacts selected through a map to only include certain contact types (employee, resident, SRP registrant). For example, a notification’s recipients can be limited to contacts with the contact type of resident.


Filter Groups by Contact Type
When creating or editing a Group, this feature allows you to filter the list of available Contacts by their Contact Type (Employee, Resident, SRP registrant).

Filter Contacts by Contact Type
This feature enables you to limit the Contacts listed on the Contacts screen to only those of the selected Contact Type (Employee, Resident, SRP registrant).

Learn more about how your agency can quickly and confidently relay critical communications with CommandCentral Notify.

New in CommandCentral Notify - Q2 2021

We are excited to announce the release of CommandCentral Notify, the newest addition to our Mass Notification family of products. 

CommandCentral Notify is an intuitive, cloud-based mass notification solution that rapidly delivers critical information to community members, businesses and emergency responders; helping to prevent injuries, save lives and minimize damage and disruptions.

Prepare for a Crisis

No one can ever be completely ready for a crisis event but with CommandCentral Notify, your team can proactively plan for emergency scenarios to keep communities as safe as possible when a crisis occurs. 

Key Features:

  • Effectively maintain your notification database with robust contact management

  • Create templated scenarios to deliver messages at a moment’s notice

  • Import your contacts quickly and easily

  • Enhance your contact list with Community Self-Registration

  • Plan for known risks via pre-defined groups and scenarios

  • Use predefined mapping areas to quickly identify geographic areas to notify


Respond Quickly and Accurately

Providing clear and continuous communication during an emergency is key to preventing loss of life and minimizing long-term impacts. That’s why it’s vital to have a solution with robust pre-planning capabilities to reduce some of the variables that happen during an emergency event - so you can focus on delivering critical information to those who need it. 

Key Features:

  • Deliver messages rapidly across different modalities

  • Select exact geographical areas to receive alerts with GIS mapping

  • Focus on specific community areas with high-resolution base maps

  • Overlay your own custom map layers 

  • Stay informed with real-time delivery monitoring 

  • Broadcast alerts with IPAWS (coming soon)


Powered by CommandCentral

Notify is powered by CommandCentral so your team can:

  • Consolidate user management across all of your CommandCentral applications

  • Customize user roles and permissions to enable unified access across all applications

  • Benefit from industry-leading security that Motorola Solutions has implemented at every level within our applications, cloud infrastructure and operational processes

Ordering Information

Please contact your Mass Notification sales representative at 615.790.2882 or