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We're excited to review the work that was done this past quarter to improve your CommandCentral CAD experience. For any questions, reach out to customer success.

CAD Response Time Dashboard

The CAD Response Time Dashboard allows management to quickly and easily see average incident response times for a specified time period. Response time are shown broken down by multiple incidentfactors, including:

  • Emergency vs Non-Emergency calls
  • Incident Type
  • Area/Sector/Beat
  • Time of Day
  • Phase of the incident (Receive to Dispatch, Dispatch to Enroute, Enroute to Arrive)

The dashboard can be filtered by agency or show a combination of agencies. Selectable time periods include 24 hours, 7 days, 30 days, 6 months, 1 year or a custom date range specified by the user.

Incident Right-Click Menu

CommandCentral CAD users can quickly close an incident by right-clicking an incident card and selecting “Close CAD Incident”. This saves the user from having to open the incident details to close the incident. If an incident can be closed without needing adding additional details, this option saves the dispatcher several clicks. The dispatcher is still presented with the incident closure form allowing them to select the proper disposition.

Field Initiated Incident Automatic Vehicle Query

A vehicle query is automatically run when a dispatcher enters a field initiated incident that contains plate information.

Most field initiated incidents, such as traffic stops, involve a vehicle. The field initiated incident form is designed to capture plate information quickly. This enhancement automatically runs the plate information in a vehicle query saving the dispatcher valuable time.

When the dispatcher clicks the Create button on the Field Initiated incident form, the system automatically fills out a search form for the plate information entered. If the Search form isn’t opened, it will automatically be opened. Results from the query will be displayed automatically. Both local RMS and State/Federal databases are queried.

If the Search form is already open, a new search tab will be added that contains the query and query results. Multiple tabs are added as additional queries are run. The dispatcher’s work flow isn’t interrupted allowing the query results to be addressed as their workflow permits.