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“I ensure order and foster safe, successful rehabilitation.”

Make your jails safer and more efficient by streamlining intake, movement and release processes. Enable advanced capabilities like automated tracking and activity alerts, and share complete offender information between agencies.

Breaking the barriers facing jails

Maintain order and keep the peace with solutions that reduce burnout and turnover among officers while managing your growing and complex inmate population.

Jail Management Software
Streamline offender intake

Simplify and accelerate workflow

Seamlessly guide or automate day-to-day tasks to get more done despite growing inmate-to-officer ratios.

Maintain complete awareness

Make ‘no incidents’ the new norm

Maintain a safe jail environment by staying completely aware of all inmate activity, flags, movements and statuses.

Release inmates confidently

Collaborate without complexity

Leverage better technology integration within your jail and improve information sharing beyond its walls.

Jail Management Software

63% of jails report understaffing as a top challenge.* Are your teams supported?

Jail and Inmate Management Solutions

Experience a completely integrated jail and inmate management experience, intuitively designed and packed with intelligence.

CommandCentral Jail

Streamline complicated processes and improve inmate and officer safety through a secure, officer-oriented experience offering automation, alerting and awareness of jail and inmate activity.

command center

Officers can significantly reduce time spent on the booking process.

Making false claims a thing of the past

Boulder Co. Sheriff’s Office uses digital evidence to create a culture of accountability and improve productivity in their jails.

Jail Software
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The information that is collected by law enforcement can now be seen by corrections staff and the information collected by corrections staff can now be seen by law enforcement.

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Stephanie Ebert

Support Services Director

Weber County Sheriff's Office, UT

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