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'Lack Of Interoperability Was One Of The Big Issues We Faced'

Paul Murray | Inspector | Police Communications Centre

Case Study: Canadian Pacific Police Service

WAVE Brings Push-To-Talk Interoperability Across A Wide Range Of Carriers

Launched in 1881 with the goal of connecting Canada’s populated Eastern cities to the largely unexplored West, the Canadian Pacific Railway encompasses 14,000 miles of track that traverses prairies, mountains, cities, and ports throughout Canada and the U.S.

Transporting commerce across Canada, the railway shoulders a great responsibility to operate safely and efficiently. Paul Murray, inspector at the Police Communications Centre notes, “We carry a large number of commodities right across our network and that ends up on the shelves of the supermarkets out there on the street, so any delay or impact to our flow of traffic can have an impact to those on the streets.”

In addition to delivering cargo safely, there are the people who work for the railway and those who live or travel near the rails to consider. When it comes to safety issues, there are often hundreds of people who could be impacted by a stalled train or an accident, so safety is always top-of-mind.

Officers of the Canadian Pacific Police Service (CPPS) act as first responders to problems that impact the rails and any land adjacent to the rails. A force of 102 officers is responsible for dealing with more than 150,000 calls a year. Providing reliable communications tools to these officers and the railway personnel they work with is a top priority for CPPS.

The new approach to communication at CPPS helps everyone on the job feel a bit safer. I think safety is important because it is the base for good and steady operations

Julian Benavides | Systems Engineer | Canadian Pacific Railroad

Customer Profile

14,000 Miles

CPPS oversees the safety and security of the Canadian Pacific Railway, a 14,000-mile rail network that runs from Vancouver to the Montreal and into major rail hubs in the U.S.

102 Officers

With only 102 total officers, CPPS needed a solution that would provide efficient, reliable communications across the many miles – and networks – in its coverage area.

150,000 Calls

The Police Communications Centre handles over 150,000 calls a year and must respond quickly and efficiently, ensuring trains are not delayed.

Executive Summary

The Challenge

CPPS needed a communications solution that covered the entire length of their operations; however, no one commercial carrier provided service across all the territory the railroad traversed.

The Solution

WAVE provided a communications interoperability platform for push-to-talk over various cellular networks – in both the U.S. and Canada – and over Wi-Fi networks that were already in place.

The Benefits

  • Increased Collaboration
  • Faster Responses
  • Improved Resource Visibility
  • Try Broadband PTT For Yourself.

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