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TCC Network Control - Rubicon Water

Delivers up to 90% distribution efficiency in open canals.

TCC Network Control improves the efficiency of irrigation water delivery by automating the operation of supply canals. Water delivery is optimized so that farms receive high and consistent flow rates, and by precisely matching supply with demand, spills are eliminated.

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Rubicon Water’s TCC Network Control® is an advanced solution designed to improve the management and overall productivity of water across an open canal distribution system. TCC Network Control improves overall water availability, enhances service and equity to personnel, improves remote management and control of operations and ensures the health and safety of canal operations.

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• More Water: Eliminate traditional spills that are common across your canal operations. Ensure more water remains available within the rivers and or storage facilities for future irrigation needs.

• Less Overall Water Leakage: It is easier to detect seepage occurring in the network with precise real-time data on various water levels. Costs can thereby be reduced with targeted remediation.

• Better Water Distribution: Instead of rigid irrigation schedules like rotations, water can be delivered when and where a farmer needs it because water is automatically transferred from the section of canal just upstream of the farmer instead of from the distant headworks

• Higher Farm Productivity: High, consistent flows to farms means quicker surface irrigations, less nutrient leaching through infiltration and less plant shutdown from water logging. It’s also easier to determine surface irrigation run times allowing you to avoid excess water runoff. The net result is higher crop productivity using less water.

• Reduction in Overall Energy Costs: If water is pumped into the canal instead of coming from storage, eliminating spills can substantially reduce overall energy consumption and costs.

- Autonomous operation of canal supply networks

- Regulating gates coordinate to achieve system control objectives

- Remote monitoring of operational variables

- Precise measurement and control of water

- Spills eliminated

- Constant canal water levels

• Radio Hardware/ Releases Compatibility.

• A radio network that supports telemetry such as MotoTRBO, ASTRO, or DIMETRA

• Computer Hardware / Operating Systems

• Rubicon FlumeGates installed at regulating structures along a canal (FlumeGates include an integrated Motorola Solutions Remote Terminal Unit
• Motorola Solutions IIoT Gateway to provide the communication link from the office to the field equipment
Windows 10 computer (for the Human Machine Interface)
Server with Windows Server 2014

• Interfaces

• An application server running Rubicon NeuroFlo and    SCADAConnect software

• System Architecture

• Dimetra IP Scalable, Dimetra IP Micro, Dimetra IP Compact, IP Site Connect, Capacity Plus, Linked Capacity Plus, Connect Plus, Capacity Max, ASTRO M-Core, ASTRO L-Core, ASTRO K-Core, Intelligent Middleware Server