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HindSight Multimedia Logging Recorder

Multimedia Recording for Mission-Critical Applications

A robust multimedia (telephony, radio, VoIP, RoIP, video, screen, photo, and Text/SMS) recorder built for the latest in mission-critical communications technologies.

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Companies rely on their communications tools to relay information quickly, accurately, and securely. The same should be said for the tools used to record those communications. Accurate recording of these communications isn’t just necessary for policy compliance; it also lowers liability risks and highlights opportunities to improve quality and output. However, it can be challenging to log those recordings effectively because they come in through a variety of media (radio, telephony, text, and others) and often from geographically distributed sources.

HindSight addresses many challenges faced within mission-critical 24/7/365 recording. It captures and archives all communications data that comes through: audio from radio or phone, text messages, screen video, events, and metadata from other sources. Those records can then be reviewed, allowing an organization to essentially go back in time and see what happened at any given point. The powerful search, filter, tagging, and bookmarking features mean that staff can find what they’re looking for quickly.

HindSight is intuitive, scalable, responsive, secure, and field-proven with installations ranging in size and complexity. For communications that take place in different geographic locations, Exacom’s logging solutions can record at the source—virtually anywhere in the world. Then, depending on the organization’s needs, users can: access all those records in one place, access only a portion of them from one place, or access records from one specific location. Many Exacom customers use this distributed recording infrastructure to capture communications across departments or teams, which allows them to share system costs but not recordings.

  • Record nearly every kind of data at any location, anytime you want, and in a variety of methods.
  • A single recorder (and associated costs) can be shared across multiple departments or organizations while only allowing appropriate access to recordings.
  • Capture recordings from geographically diverse sources and centralize to a single server, multiple servers, or the cloud.
  • IT-friendly configurations with flexible deployment options, COTS hardware.

  • Made in the United States and supported by regional staff throughout North America. 
  • Record audio, text/SMS, data, events, photos and video from a variety of systems.

  • Support the latest industry standards like NG 9-1-1 and i3.

  • Quickly access and replay current/recent activity across all channels, system wide.

  • Find a record, tag, bookmark, export or download it, and redact sensitive information.

  • Locate records quickly with powerful search and custom filters.
  • Tag records for easy grouping or bookmark a timestamped location to come back to later.

  • Partition access to records by user, team, department, agency, or organization.

  • Automatically back up records to a secondary storage location.

  • Ensure up-time in real-time with our complimentary fault-monitoring tools.

  • Easily configure redundant or geo-diverse redundant recording systems.

Radio Hardware/Releases Compatibility:

  • For Capacity Max, an appropriately licensed VRC is necessary.
  • For IP Site Connect/Linked Capacity Plus/Capacity Plus the appropriate voice licensing to support the recorded channel needs.

Computer Hardware/Operating Systems:

  • Currently supported Microsoft Windows OS (ie Server 2016/2019 or Windows 10 as of this writing)

IP Technology:

  • IP connectivity to radio system network with appropriate firewall exclusions as well as connectivity to customer network.


  • Dependent upon customer/site requirements.

System Architecture:

  • IP Site Connect,  2.3 and newer
  • Capacity Plus, 2.3 and newer
  • Linked Capacity Plus, 2.3 and newer
  • Capacity Max, 2.7 and newer

Other Requirements:

  • HindSight web client requires Chrome or Firefox browser - supports latest two (2) releases of each.