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Simple avl fleet tracking and text messaging

Eztracker@trbo™ is a an easy to use application to monitor at all times the Whereabouts of your mototrbo fleet using google maps and contact them via text messaging. Tether your base station to any pc and use it for voice calls at the same time.


eztracker@trbo™ is an application to monitor a fleet using OpenStreetMaps and contact it via text messaging. eztracker@trbo™ answers the requests of many customers that are interested in locating their subscribers, without requiring a dedicated server or workstation thus minimising the overall operational costs. It does not require any additional option board or hardware components. eztracker@trbo™ is an entry level fleet tracking and messaging application that brings simplicity of deployment, management and use. It is ideal for situations that require a basic answer to the question “where are my assets now, where have they been and can I exchange text messages with them?”.

eztracker@trbo™ allows to:
• Visualise the individual position of each radio.
• Monitor if vehicles are heading into traffic and reroute them appropriately.
• Log the location of all assets and play them back.
• Text individual or group of radios.
• Reply or forward messages.
• Maps sharing: users can track the fleet from their browsers or using remote management tools.

Supported Languages

• Support for NAI Data repeater interface.

• Displays up to 200 subscribers.

• Uses ARS for active radio presence.

• OpenStreetMaps mapping.

• Different views and zoom levels.

• Displays radio position, street address, speed, direction and altitude.

• Periodic or immediate location refresh.

• Set period update time for individual radios.

• Radio name aliasing.

• Highlight and center a selected radio on the map.

• Text a talkgroup or an individual radio.

• Log all messages, and reply or forward them.

• Excel-compatible raw GPS data logs (CVS format).

• Rapid deployment.

Radio Hardware / Releases Compatibility
Any Motorola MOTOTRBO radio with firmware 1.08.32 and up. Motorola NAI Data wireline interface.

Computer Hardware / Operating Systems
MS-Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 PC with 1.5GHz CPU and 1GB RAM, DSL-class internet connection (not required for text messaging).

USB for control stations or Ethernet for NAI Data repeater interface. Ethernet for network access.

MOTOTRBO System Architecture
Simplex, Conventional repeater, IP site connect, Capacity Plus, LCP, Enhanced GPS.

Other Requirements
Besides MOTOTRBO CPS programming, basic networking and PC installation skills.