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The right devices. The right people. The Right time.

Provides work ticket management integration, e-mail and SMS messaging, system monitoring and reporting, scalability, security, affordable prices and unbeatable service for meeting and exceeding your notification gateway needs.

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The DAPage Notifications Solution package harnesses the full potential of MOTOTRBO's data capabilities across various topologies. Through our unique Software as a Service offering, we provide support for text messaging, work tickets, SMS messaging, email, and safety features such as current location, emergency location, GPS periodic reporting, and subscriber-initiated GPS transactions. Furthermore, our custom Generic Option Board (Gen 1 and 2)

Solutions can greatly enhance the subscriber's experience by incorporating QC-II, iBeacon, and other event-based capabilities. All of these features are delivered while ensuring exceptional end-to-end infrastructure monitoring, incident-based alerting, and exception- based activity reporting via email. Our basic services package starts at a highly affordable monthly fee, which includes support and service. We strive to surpass your expectations for an integration solution.

  • Access to subject matter experts who can assist with the design of the fleet map and subscriber configuration.

  • Plug-and-play cloud-based solutions feature quick installation and no additional overhead.

  • Our service-based solution easily adapts to your technology as your operational needs change
  • Maximum data security and stability.

  • Ongoing service and support including updates to adopt new technology.
  • Full MOTOTRBO™ Support across all six topologies with infrastructure monitoring and interface capabilities through DDMS/MNIS/CMSS/RDAC.

  • Full MOTOTRBO™ Subscriber support for all display / data capable subscribers including the newer R7 and ION Models.

  • Diverse interface capabilities rage from e-mail to Restful Web service interfaces, Windows proprietary thin clients, and HTML5 based portals.

  • Extended Safety capabilities in support of the Emergency, Man Down and Lone worker subscriber features.

  • Support for GPS/GNSS including Current Location, Emergency Location, Periodic reporting and subscriber initiated transactions.
  • Support for SCADA, IoT, OPC and custom protocol interfaces for alarm and control systems. Including the Avigilon ACC/ACM/ALTA solutions.

  • Proactive built in monitoring and alerting capabilities including Site Connectivity and Repeater Diagnostic and Control (RDAC) support.

  • Detailed and Exception transaction logging and reporting.

  • RSSI and activity study capabilities on most typologies.

Radio Hardware / Release Comparability

MOTOTRBO™ XPR400, XPR500, XPR600, XPR7000, XPR7000e, SL7000, R7 and ION are all supported devices (some feature restrictions may apply based on firmware and subscriber limitations). In addition Wave on Cloud devices TLK100, TLK110 and the TLK150 are also supported through our Wave on Cloud Gateway solution.

Computer Hardware / Operating System

The MOTOTRBO™ Family is support through our DAGate™ FreeBSD based controller which is the bridge between our SaaS services and the MOTOTRBO™ infrastructure.

IP Technology

Once physically connected to a network with internet access, our DAGate™ unit is designed to open a secure outbound encrypted tunnel back to our servers based on a customer-specific preassigned FQDN. Upon establishing this link, the DAGate™ controller will download a detailed customer-specific configuration plan and establish a link to the MOTOTRBO™ system components using the various licensed protocols and interfaces that comprise the Motorola solution.


  • Depending on the topology being deployed by the end user, the DAGate™ controller can support connections to repeaters, including becoming part of the "Master Map' when appropriate. It can also connect to Control Stations via the Motorola Solutions USB Interface cable, Windows-based systems supporting the Device Detection and Mobility (DDMS) service, and Motorola Network Interface Service (MNIS), as well as Capacity Max System Server (CMSS) primary and secondary installations. Additional optional service offering interfaces include Avtec Scout console VPGate and DMS servers, as well as Avigilon ACM, ACC, and AVA Aware servers via available API interfaces.

  • Finally, when customer requirements dictate the need, the DAGate™ can support multiple system topology deployments with automated roaming of subscribers between them, such as a Multi-Site Capacity Plus and a Capacity Max installation.

  • Customer will need to provide appropriate network services and power backed up by a UPS for the installation. Network services must include a LAN drop that can make an outbound connection to a designated SaaS center based on the provided Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) we publish. As well as a “Radio” VLAN as appropriate for the customers IT security policies.