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LTR/Passport GOB application

Digital migration strategy for existing analog trunking users

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Firmware application for the Generic Option Board to allow the MOTOTRBO radio to support LTR, Classic PassPort and Enhanced PassPort in Analog mode.

Provides a clear migration path from Analog operation to Digital operation for users with existing LTR or PassPort systems/networks. 

• QA01839, available as a factory installed option in North America.

• Allows users to add digital capable radios to their existing analog fleet to facilitate migration to digital operation.

• Allows users to operate one radio on MOTOTRBO digital platforms (except for Connect Plus) and Analog LTR and/ or PassPort. 

• Up to 256 Zones, up to 256 Groups/Channels per Zone.
*Supports over 2000 total Groups/Channels.

• Programming via standard MOTOTRBO USB programming cable.

• Field upgradeable via standard MOTOTRBO USB programming cable.

• (LTR/Conventional) Pre-Only MDC PTT ID.

• (LTR/Conventional) User selectable scanning across Zones.

• (LTR/PassPort) User selectable Group Scan.

• (PassPort) Enhanced and Classic operation.

• (Enhanced PassPort) Integrated network Emergency call operation.

• (Enhanced PassPort) Subscriber priority access.

• (Enhanced PassPort) Automatic Channel backup.

• (Enhanced PassPort) Expanded neighbor list.

• (Enhanced PassPort) Message Trunking.

• (Enhanced PassPort) Roam registration on free channel.

Radio Hardware/Releases Compatibility.

Analog Capable MOTOTRBO radio with a Generic Option Board installed.


A PC running Windows XP or later is required for programming the option board with the winSJIppTRBO programming software using the standard MOTOTRBO programming cable.