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Cistera Radio to Radio Recording

Scalable, cost effective recording solutions for MOTOTRBO™

Designed to integrate with your existing radio network, Cistera R2R provides a seamless, integrated IP based recording platform.

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Two-way radio networks are a cornerstone for public agencies, emergency operations and businesses around the world. Cistera R2R Recording offers organizations an efficient and scalable way to record, store, tag, easily search and retrieve radio calls. This solution provides instant recall for forensic replay and incident reconstruction, as well as quality assurance, quarantine, export, and reporting capabilities. Recorded material can be securely stored on a server, data center VM or cloud.            

Cistera works with global organizations to seamlessly connect Radio and Telecom Communications Networks to increase safety, compliance, audit accuracy and training opportunities. 

Cistera two-way radio recording provides an enterprise-wide solution for recording radio radio communications, whether analog or digital. By supporting both transmit and receive audio channels, Cistera R2R Recording helps organizations meet their security and compliance requirements, while also ensuring quality performance standards. Organizations can easily monitor and analyze recordings via secure login to the server. System administrator can assign rights and roles to users along with providing reports on use.

  • Recording of all active channels
  • Capture and retain records based on retention policies
  • Search for key files based on channel, date, time of day
  • Multicast recording over local and wide area networks
  • Integration into Cistera's AlertlT for emergency notifications
  • Multicast conferencing
  • UC Platform phone environment integration
  • Live monitoring of radio traffic at a desktop
  • Create radio channel groups for all call requirements

Radio Hardware / Releases Compatibility: 

  • Supports all commercial and MOTOTRBO™ radio models using a single donor radio per channel model. Radio is locked on the channel to be monitored and recorded. 

Computer Hardware / Operating Systems

  • IP based with the application housed on a on-prem or data center VM. Data Storage (recordings) are stored on a separate storage platform and can be archived for long term retention. Customers also have the option of having a dedicated server to host the application and provide recording storage. Offline record archiving is supported.

IP Technology

  • Donor radios are connected to the application plaform via a Radio over IP gateway. This can be centrally located or dispersed for remote sites. The RoIP Gateway can support 2-4 channels and is capable of being rack mounted.


  • Donor radios will normally support the gateway requirements with default settings. Minor programming may be required to ensure correct GPIO settings.

Other Requirements

  • RoIP Gateway (Cistera supplied), GPIO to RoIP cables specific to Motorola Solutions radio model. Factory default settings for GPIO.