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APX Personnel Accountability Application (APAA)

APAA modernizes fireground personnel accountability activities

APAA modernizes fireground personnel accountability activities

A personnel accountability solution that meets the demands of modern firefighting through an easy-to-use system. The immediate benefit to fire departments is improved emergency alert handling, faster roll calls or personnel checks, and reduced fireground confusion.

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APAA works within the ASTRO 25 trunked radio systems to leverage capabiltiies provided by trunked radio networks.  APAA also works in conventional, or talkaround mode.  Standard functionalities for both trunking and conventional include accountability registration, PTT ID display, customizable tactical alert messages (e.g., evacuation, rollcall/PAR), automatic tactical alert acknowledgements, clock/timer utilities, unit assignment, radio polling, radio power down indicator, channel-change indicator, and battery level indicator. For trunked environments only, features also include cohabitation of APAA and dispatch consoles and dynamic regrouping of responder radios.

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  • Provides specific firefighter identification 
  • Identifies firefighters in emergency alert condition
  • Captures, processes, and displays messaging/interactions with firefighter radios
  • Significantly reduces  time required to perform rollcalls/personnel accountability checks
  • Supports incident management activities
  • Customizable; may be used by multiple types of personnel (IC, aide, dispatcher)
  • Captures detailed incident logs
  • Works in  trunked and conventional modes
  • Reduces radio traffic, reduces fireground confusion
  • Easy-to-use and deploy
  • PTT ID Display
  • Tactical Alert Messages
  • Automatic Tactical Alert Acknowledgements
  • Accountability Registration
  • Clock/Timer Utilities
  • Unit Assignment
  • Radio Polling
  • Radio Power Down Indicator
  • Channel-Change Indicator
  • Battery Level Indicator
  • Cohabitation of APAA with dispatch console
  • Multiple Incident Commander Applications
  • Dynamic Regrouping of Responder Radios

Radio Hardware
APAA use on trunked radio systems requires the ASTRO 25 7.17 System Release or later.  RF Site equipment must all be G-Series hardware.  Responder radios must be APX™ 4000, 6000, 7000 or 8000 portables.  Incident commander laptops or tablets must have a dedicated APX radio connected to it to monitor the trunking system or conventional channel used for incident scene communications.  When used in trunked radio systems, the incident commander laptop or tablet requires a data connection to the Accountability Server that resides in the CEN of the trunked radio system.  This data connection can be a broadband connection or can use the Integrated Voice and Data (IV&D) capability of the ASTRO 25 system.  This data connection is in addition to the dedicated APX radio connected to the laptop or tablet.

Computer Hardware

APAA client software used on the incident commander laptop or tablet operates on Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10 PCs with at least 512 MB RAM and 1 GHz processor.  In trunked radio systems, the APAA client software that resides on the dispatch console position (MCC7500 or MCC7100) operates on the same Windows OS used by the dispatch console. The trunking implmenetation of the APAA application also requires an Accountability server installed in the CEN network of the ASTRO 25 trunked radio system.  The Accountability server resides on the Enablement server virtual platform.

IP Technology
The Personnel Accountability application has the ability to interface to a customer's CAD application via an IP connection.  SDI requires the CAD application API information to interface to the CAD.  The Accountability server can also interface to the internet to retrieve radio alias configuration information from the EasyStaff website provided by SDI.
System Architecture
  • Dimetra IP Scalable - No
  • Dimetra IP Micro - No
  • Dimetra IP Compact - No
  • IP Site Connect - No
  • Capacity Plus - No
  • Linked Capacity Plus - No
  • Connect Plus - No
  • Capacity Max - No
  • ASTRO M-Core - Yes
  • ASTRO L-Core - Yes
  • ASTRO K-Core -  No
  • Intelligent Middleware Server - Yes