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Mobile Video Addendum

This Mobile Video Addendum (this “MVA”) is entered into between Motorola Solutions, Inc., with offices at 500 W. Monroe Street, Suite 4400, Chicago, IL 60661 (“Motorola”) and Customer (as defined in the MCA), and will be subject to, and governed by, the terms of the Master Customer Agreement, available at (the “MCA”), and the applicable Addenda. Capitalized terms used in this MVA, but not defined herein, will have the meanings set forth in the MCA or the applicable Addenda.

1. Addendum. This MVA, available at, governs Customer’s purchase of any Motorola mobile video Products, including participation in Motorola’s Video-as-a-Service Program (“VaaS Program”).  A “Mobile Video System” is a solution that includes at least one mobile video Product and requires Integration Services to deploy such mobile video Product or the associated evidence management Product at a Customer Site.  In addition to the MCA, other Addenda may be applicable to Products offered under this MVA, including the Subscription Software Addendum (“SSA”), with respect to Subscription Software, and the Equipment Purchase and Software License Addendum (“EPSLA”), with respect to Licensed Software and Equipment, as each of those terms are defined therein, and as further described below. This MVA will control with respect to conflicting or ambiguous terms in the MCA or any other applicable Addendum, but only as applicable to the Mobile Video System or other Products purchased under this MVA and not with respect to other Products or Services.

2. Evidence Management Systems; Applicable Terms and Conditions.

2.1. On-Premise Evidence Management. If Customer purchases a Mobile Video System where Equipment and Licensed Software for evidence management is installed at Customer Sites (an “On-Premises Evidence Management System”), then, unless the Ordering Document(s) specify that any software is being purchased on a subscription basis (i.e., as Subscription Software), any (i) Equipment and (ii) Licensed Software installed at Customer Sites or on Customer-Provided Equipment, in each case purchased in connection with the On-Premises Evidence Management System, are subject to the EPSLA. On-Premises Evidence Management Systems described in this Section qualify for the System Warranty as described in Section 4 – On-Premises Evidence Management System Warranty (the “System Warranty”).

2.2. Cloud Hosted Evidence Management. If Customer purchases Mobile Video System where the software for evidence management is hosted in a data center and provided to Customer as a service (”Cloud Hosted Evidence Management System”), including CommandCentral Evidence and Products, then such Cloud Hosted Evidence Management System is subject to the SSA. Any Equipment purchased in connection with Cloud Hosted Evidence Management System is subject to the EPSLA. Cloud Hosted Evidence Management System described in this Section do not qualify for the System Warranty.  System completion, however, is determined in accordance with the provisions of Section 7 –System Completion below.

2.3. Services. Any Integration Services or Maintenance and Support Services purchased in connection with, or included as a part of, a Mobile Video System are subject to the MCA, and as described in the applicable Ordering Document.

3. Payment.  Customer will pay invoices for the Products and Services covered by this MVA in accordance with the invoice payment terms set forth in the MCA. Fees for Mobile Video Systems will be invoiced as of the System Completion Date, unless another payment process or schedule or milestones are set forth in an Ordering Document or applicable Addendum. In addition to Equipment, Licensed Software, Subscription Software and Integration Services (as applicable) sold as part of a Mobile Video System, the Ordering Documents for a Mobile Video System may also include post-deployment Integration Services or other Services which are to be provided following the date of functional demonstration (“Post-Deployment Services”). Post-Deployment Services will be invoiced upon their completion and paid by Customer in accordance with the terms of the MCA. 

4. On-Premises Evidence Management System Warranty. Subject to the disclaimers in the MCA and any other applicable Addenda, Motorola represents and warrants that, on the System Completion Date (as defined below) for an On-Premises Evidence Management System described in Section 2.1 – On-Premises Evidence Management (a) such On-Premises Evidence Management System will perform in accordance with the descriptions in the applicable Ordering Documents in all material respects, and (b) if Customer has purchased any Equipment or Motorola Licensed Software (but, for clarity, excluding Subscription Software) as part of such On-Premises Evidence Management System, the warranty period applicable to such Equipment and Motorola Licensed Software will continue for a period of one (1) year commencing upon the System Completion Date for the On-Premises Evidence Management System that includes such Products, or on the applicable Product Completion Date, if earlier, instead of commencing upon delivery of the Products in accordance with the terms and conditions set forth in Section 6 – Representations and Warranties; Liabilities of the EPSLA. The warranties set forth in the applicable Addenda are not otherwise modified by this MVA.

5. Additional Software and Video Terms.

5.1. Unlimited Storage. In the event Customer purchases a Cloud Hosted Evidence Management System with “Unlimited Storage”, including evidence management under the VaaS Program, then “Unlimited Storage” means storage of all data captured using Equipment sold under this MVA, provided that (1) video recordings are recorded in an event-based setting where users are not recording an entire shift under one video footage and (2) Customer’s data retention policies and practices do not result in the retention of data beyond the statutory minimums set forth by the State in which the Customer resides.  In the event Customer does not comply with the preceding clauses (1) and (2), Motorola shall have the right to charge Customer for such excess data storage at the prevailing rates.  Motorola also has the right to place any data that has not been accessed for a consecutive six (6) month period into archival storage, retrieval of which may take up to twenty-four (24) hours from any access request.

5.2. Applicable End User Terms.  Additional license terms apply to third-party software included in certain software Products which are available online at: Customer will comply, and ensure its Authorized Users comply, with all such additional license terms.

5.3. WatchGuard Detector Mobile.  Any order by Customer of WatchGuard Detector Mobile is on a subscription basis and subject to the SSA.

5.4. Vigilant Access. Customer may opt for subscription to additional Subscription Software, including use of the Law Enforcement Archival Network (“LEARN”), which is subject to the SSA and any additional terms governing the use of LEARN. If Customer purchases a subscription to commercial license plate recognition data, then Customer will execute and agree to the terms of Motorola’s standard Data License Addendum.

5.5. License Plate Recognition Data. License plate recognition (“LPR”) data collected by Customer is considered Customer Data (as defined in the MCA) and is therefore subject to the Customer’s own retention policy. Customer, at its option, may share its LPR data with other similarly situated Law Enforcement Agencies (“LEAs”) which contract with Motorola to access LEARN by selecting this option within LEARN.  Other similarly situated LEAs may similarly opt to share their LPR data with Customer using LEARN. Such LPR data generated by other LEAs is considered Third-Party Data (as defined in the MCA), is governed by the retention policy of the respective LEA, and shall be used by Customer only in connection with its use of LEARN. LPR data that has reached its expiration date will be deleted from LEARN. Only individuals who are agents and/or sworn officers of Customer and who are authorized by Customer to access LEARN on behalf of Customer through login credentials provided by Customer (“User Eligibility Requirements”) may access LEARN.  Vigilant in its sole discretion may deny access to LEARN to any individual based on such person’s failure to meet the User Eligibility Requirements. Customer will ensure no user logins are provided to agents or officers of other local, state, or Federal LEAs without the express written consent of Vigilant. Customer will be responsible for all individuals’ access to, and use of, LEARN through use of Customer login credentials, including ensuring their compliance with this Agreement.

5.6. API Support.  Motorola will use commercially reasonable efforts to maintain its Application Programming Interface (“API”) sold in connection with any Mobile Video System. APIs will evolve and mature over time, requiring changes and updates.  Motorola will use reasonable efforts to continue supporting any version of an API for six (6) months after such version is introduced, but if Motorola determines, in its sole discretion, to discontinue support of an API for any reason, Motorola will provide reasonable advance notification to Customer.  If an API presents a security risk, Motorola may discontinue an API without prior notice.

5.7. Support of Downloaded Clients.  If Customer purchases any software Product that requires a client installed locally on Customer-Provided Equipment or Equipment in possession of Customer, Customer will be responsible for downloading and installing the current version of such client, as it may be updated from time to time.  Motorola will use reasonable efforts to continue supporting any version of a client for forty-five (45) days following its release, but Motorola may update the current version of its client at any time, including for bug fixes, product improvements, and feature updates, and Motorola makes no representations or warranties that any software Product will support prior versions of a client.

5.8. CJIS Security Policy.  Motorola agrees to support Customer’s obligation to comply with the Federal Bureau of Investigation Criminal Justice Information Services (“CJIS”) Security Policy and will comply with the terms of the CJIS Security Addendum for the term of the Addendum or Ordering Document for the applicable Product. Customer hereby consents to Motorola screened personnel serving as the “escort” within the meaning of CJIS Security Policy for unscreened Motorola personnel that require access to unencrypted Criminal Justice Information for purposes of Product support and development.

6. VaaS Program Terms.  All hardware provided by Motorola to Customer under the VaaS Program will be considered “Equipment”, as defined in the EPSLA, and constitutes a purchase of such Equipment subject to the terms of the EPSLA. Additionally, the following terms and conditions apply to any Equipment purchased under the VaaS Program:

6.1. Technology Refresh. All body cameras and associated batteries purchased under the VaaS Program (“Body Cameras”) are eligible for a one-time replacement at no additional cost to the Customer beginning on the date three (3) years following the date of delivery of the initial Body Cameras and associated batteries provided under the VaaS Program. In order to receive any replacement Body Camera applicable under this Section 6.1 – Technology Refresh, Customer must return the existing Body Camera to Motorola in working condition. The corresponding replacement Body Camera will be the then-current model of the Body Camera at the same tier as the Body Camera that is returned to Motorola. For clarity, any other Equipment received by Customer as part of the VaaS Program, other than Body Cameras, will not be eligible for a technology refresh hereunder.

6.2. No-Fault Warranty. Subject to the disclaimers set forth in the MCA and EPSLA, upon delivery of any Equipment purchased as part of the VaaS Program, Motorola will provide a No-fault Warranty to Customer for such Equipment that extends until the end of the Commitment Term (as defined below) applicable to such Equipment; except that the No-fault Warranty will not apply to: (i) any Equipment with intentionally altered or removed serial numbers, (ii) any other damages disclaimed under the MCA or EPSLA, or (iii) any Equipment that Motorola determines was changed, modified, or repaired by Customer or any third party. The “No-fault Warranty” means that Motorola will repair or replace any Equipment components or parts that render the applicable Equipment unable to perform its intended purpose.  With respect to any batteries in Body Cameras, a battery will be considered faulty and covered under this No-fault Warranty if it falls below sixty percent (60%) of rated capacity.

6.3. Commitment Term. Customer accepts that following the delivery of any Equipment under the VaaS Program, Customer commits to a five (5) year subscription term for such Equipment at the rate provided in the Ordering Document (the “Initial Commitment Term”). If Customer, for any reason, terminates any of its obligations to Motorola prior to expiration of the applicable Commitment Term (as defined below), Customer will be subject to the payments described in Section 6.7.2 – Termination hereunder.

6.4. Additional Devices. Any additional Equipment, including any accessory items, ordered by Customer after Customers’ initial purchase of Equipment hereunder may be subject to an incremental increase in Fees. In the event Customer orders additional Equipment under the VaaS Program within the ninety (90) days immediately following its initial purchase, such Equipment will be included in and subject to the Initial Commitment Term. Any additional Equipment purchased under the VaaS Program subsequent to such ninety (90) day period, will commence an additional subscription term commitment for such Equipment of five (5) years (a “Subsequent Commitment Term”) with respect to the monthly Fee associated with such additional Equipment. For purposes of this Addendum, the Initial Commitment Term and each Subsequent Commitment Term are each also referred to herein as a “Commitment Term”.

6.5. Included Subscription Software.

6.5.1. Subject to Section 6.7.1 – VaaS Term, the VaaS Program provides Customer with a subscription to the Cloud Hosted Evidence Management System specified in the Ordering Document during the VaaS Term (as defined below), the use of which is subject to the SSA. Customer’s subscription will include unlimited users, Unlimited Storage and unlimited sharing, provided any media or data uploaded to the Cloud Hosted Evidence Management System is done so using Motorola Equipment actively enrolled in the VaaS Program. Following expiration of the applicable Commitment Term, if Customer desires to continue use of expired Equipment with the Cloud Hosted Evidence Management System, Customer must purchase additional access to Cloud Hosted Evidence Management System based on Motorola’s prevailing rates, or Motorola may disconnect connectivity of any expired Equipment to the Cloud Hosted Evidence Management System.

6.5.2. CommandCentral.  For each Body Camera, in-car system or integrated system purchased, Customer will receive one user license for Motorola CommandCentral, which provides access to CC Community, CC Capture, CC Vault and CC Records.  If the Customer requires additional licenses to CommandCentral they must be purchased for an additional fee.

6.5.3. CarDetector Mobile.  If Customer’s VaaS Program order includes an in-car system, Customer will receive a subscription to WatchGuard CarDetector Mobile during the VaaS Term, the use of which is subject to the SSA.

6.6. VaaS Program Payment.  Unless otherwise provided in an Ordering Document (and notwithstanding the provisions of the MCA), Customer will prepay a subscription Fee quarterly (each a “Subscription Quarter”), as set forth in an Ordering Document. If Customer orders any additional Product(s) under the VaaS Program subsequent to the initial purchase by Customer, Fees for such additional Product will be added to the quarterly subscription Fee, and will be payable on the same Fee payment schedule as the initial Product purchased under the VaaS Program; provided, however, that for the first Subscription Quarter during which such additional Product is purchased, the subscription Fee for the applicable additional Product will be pro-rated based on the applicable number of days remaining in the such initial Subscription Quarter.

6.7. VaaS Program Term and Termination.

6.7.1. VaaS Term.  Customer’s participation in the VaaS Program will commence upon the System Completion Date under this MVA, and will continue through the end of the final Commitment Term hereunder (“the “VaaS Term”). Following the end of any Commitment Term, Customer’s access to the Cloud Hosted Evidence Management System with respect to the Equipment purchased relative to that Commitment Term will expire, and Customer must download or transfer all Customer Data associated with the applicable Equipment within thirty (30) days following expiration unless Customer purchases extended access to the Cloud Hosted Evidence Management System from Motorola at the prevailing rates. Motorola has no obligation to retain Customer Data for expired Equipment beyond thirty (30) days following expiration of the applicable Commitment Term. For example, if Customer purchases 100 devices on January 1 of Year 1 of the VaaS Term, and then 100 additional devices on January 1 of Year 3, on December 31 of Year 5 (i.e., the conclusion of the Initial Commitment Term), Customer’s access to the Cloud Hosted Evidence Management System with respect to the first 100 devices will be discontinued, and Customer must purchase extended storage or transfer all Customer Data associated with the first 100 devices within thirty (30) days of expiration of the Initial Commitment Term. In the foregoing example, the Cloud Hosted Evidence Management System access and data storage for the second 100 devices purchase will extend until December 31 of Year 7.

6.7.2. Termination. The termination provisions applicable to the VaaS Program will be those set forth in the MCA, EPSLA and SSA, as applicable. If Customer’s participation in the VaaS Program is terminated for any reason prior to the end of the Initial Commitment Term or any Subsequent Commitment Term, Customer will pay the pro-rated remainder of the aggregate Equipment MSRP price (prevailing as of the time of delivery), calculated by multiplying the MSRP price of all Equipment purchased under the VaaS Program by the percentage resulting from dividing the number of months remaining in the Commitment Term applicable to such Equipment by sixty (60). In the event Customer purchased Equipment on multiple dates, resulting in separate Commitment Terms for certain Equipment, the preceding calculation will be made relative to the applicable Commitment Term for each Equipment order. For example, if Customer purchased $1,000 worth of Equipment on January 1 of Year 1 of the VaaS Term, and then $1,000 worth of Equipment on January 1 of Year 2, and then Customer’s VaaS Program terminates on December 31 of Year 3, Customer will be required to repay:  $1,000 x (24/60) + $1,000 x (36/60), which is equal to $1,000 in the aggregate.

7. System Completion. Any Mobile Video System sold hereunder will be deemed completed upon Customer’s (or the applicable Authorized User’s) Beneficial Use of the applicable Mobile Video System (the “System Completion Date”). Customer will not unreasonably delay Beneficial Use, and in any event, the Parties agree that Beneficial Use will be deemed to have occurred thirty (30) days after functional demonstration. As used in this Section, “Beneficial Use” means use by Customer or at least one (1) Authorized User of the material features and functionalities of Mobile Video System, in material conformance with Product descriptions in the applicable Ordering Document.  Any additional Equipment sold in connection with the initial Mobile Video System shall be deemed delivered in accordance of the terms of the EPSLA.  Any additional Subscription Software purchased under the VaaS Program will be deemed delivered upon Customer’s receipt of credentials required for access to the Cloud Hosted Evidence Management System or upon Motorola otherwise providing access to the Cloud Hosted Evidence Management System. This Section applies to Products purchased under the MVA notwithstanding the delivery provisions of the Addendum applicable to such Products, such as the SSA or EPSLA, and this Section will control over such other delivery provisions to the extent of a conflict.

8. Additional Cloud Terms.  The terms set forth in this Section 8 – Additional Cloud Terms apply in the event Customer purchases any cloud hosted software Products under this MVA, including a Cloud Hosted Evidence Management System.

8.1. Data Storage.  Motorola will determine, in its sole discretion, the location of the stored content for cloud hosted software Products. All data, replications, and backups will be stored at a location in the United States for Customers in the United States.

8.2. Data Retrieval.  Cloud hosted software Products will leverage different types of storage to optimize software, as determined in Motorola’s sole discretion.  For multimedia data, such as videos, pictures, audio files, Motorola will, in its sole discretion, determine the type of storage medium used to store the content. The type of storage and medium selected by Motorola will determine the data retrieval speed.  Access to content in archival storage may take up to twenty-four (24) hours to be viewable.

8.3. Availability.  Motorola will make reasonable efforts to provide monthly availability of 99.9% for cloud hosted software Products with the exception of maintenance windows. There are many factors beyond Motorola’s control that may impact Motorola’s ability to achieve this goal.

8.4. Maintenance.  Scheduled maintenance of cloud hosted software Products will be performed periodically.  Motorola will make commercially reasonable efforts to notify customers one (1) week in advance of any such maintenance.  Unscheduled and emergency maintenance may be required from time to time. Motorola will make commercially reasonable efforts to notify customers of any unscheduled or emergency maintenance twenty-four (24) hours in advance.

9. Survival.  The following provisions will survive the expiration or termination of this MVA for any reason: Section 1 – Addendum; 2 – Evidence Management Systems; Applicable Terms and Conditions; Section 3 – Payment; Section 5.2 – Applicable End User Terms; Section 6.5.1 –; Section 6.7 – VaaS Program Term and Termination; Section 9 – Survival.