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Hutto ISD

Keeping Hutto's schools safe with the VB400 body camera

Tasked with overseeing 10,000 students across 13 campuses, Hutto Independent School District (ISD) relies on the VB400 body camera every day to capture evidence and foster trust in the school community.

Hutto ISD's experience with VB400 body cameras

Classed as one of the fastest-growing towns in Texas, and ranked among the best places to live in the United States, Hutto is an exciting place to be for young families. But there are also challenges; with so many kids and so many campuses, the ISD needed a scalable body camera solution for easily protecting both staff and students.

De-escalating conflicts

The VB400 body camera can stop a situation in its tracks, before it escalates - when students realize an officer is wearing a body camera, their behavior often improves immediately.

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Capturing evidence

Due to the officers' strong relationships with their students, it's rare for a situation to escalate to the judicial system. However, in those cases, Hutto ISD officers can feel secure knowing that their VB400 body cameras have captured the interaction from start to finish.

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Fostering transparency

Hutto ISD officers take their duty of care seriously. By capturing every interaction they have with students, officers can prove to parents and the broader community that they have followed protocols and best practices.

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The VB400 body camera for schools

The VB400 and its backend software were a great fit for Hutto ISD. Because the solution was straightforward to deploy and completely customizable, officers could start using the technology immediately with minimal training.

Customizable buttons

Hutto ISD configured the VB400's buttons to suit the needs of different officers, making it even easier to start recording in stressful situations.

Flexible purchase options

While the VB400 can be bought as-a-service, the ISD decided to purchase their body cameras outright, along with perpetual on-premises software, to better fit their budgetary requirements.

Powerful backend software

The officers configured the granular retention policy to automatically delete old, non-evidential footage; this keeps storage costs low and ensures the ISD obeys all local regulations.

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