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Our developer program is designed to offer you the tools you need so you can offer your customers the right solution, extending the value of their Motorola Solutions radio system.


MOTOTRBO™ Radio Development Knowledge

Make sure you have or are willing to learn about DMR radio systems. This knowledge is essential for successful application development on radio systems.

Market & Development Expertise

Have experience in building the type of application(s) you intend to develop and possess the ability to market and support them accordingly.

Protect Motorola Solutions Intellectual Property

Agree to accept and protect all Motorola Solutions Intellectual Property provided under license to you.

Commitment to the Customer & Motorola Solutions

Be committed to provide the appropriate levels of support to customers and Motorola Solutions Channel Partners. Motorola Solutions does not warrant 3rd party solutions.

Demo & Test Equipment

Testing your solution is key. You will need to be prepared to invest in building a solution including purchasing any necessary radio models and equipment.


Request License

Contact your nearest Motorola representative or request online a license to develop solutions for on MOTOTRBO™ platform.

Initial Review

After you have submitted your request, the information will be processed and reviewed by an Application Business Manager along with respective Motorola Solutions regional sales, project and go to market teams as necessary.

Choosing the Interfaces

Motorola Solutions experts will work with you to determine necessary interfaces to meet your needs.

License Approval

Your license request will be reviewed for internal legal and business approval.

License Agreement Offer

Once approved, the Motorola Solutions Business Manager will forward you a contractual license agreement offer which outlines the terms and conditions of use of Motorola Intellectual Property.

Pay the License Fee

License fees vary depending upon interface(s) requested. Payment must be received before interfaces will be granted.

Access to Development Kit

Interface documentation, tools, sample apps, code snippets, and more will be provided to licensees via our Developer Portal after licensing.

Get API-related Support

API-related support is provided via our Developer Portal. API-related questions may be asked to peer developers or Motorola Solutions via our community and private issue trackers respectively. Questions asked directly to Motorola Solutions are typically reviewed within 48 business hours with resolution time dependent upon issue complexity.

Become an Authorized Application Provider

In addition to licensing, agree to Motorola Solutions' Authorized Application Provider Logo Usage Agreement and access program logos to promote our relationship for use on your website and marketing collateral.


After successful deployment references, Authorized Application Providers of Motorola Solutions will be invited to promote your products to the marketplace through our free online applications catalog. For more information, click here.