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If you are still not sure what license is best for you, please contact the Motorola Solutions ADP Team via email at


The Application Developer Program is a request and approval based process requiring approved participants to sign a license agreement with Motorola Solutions. It is geared for knowledgeable B2B professionals who desire to build and integrate their products with those of Motorola Solutions for mutually beneficial outcomes.

The program is also available to Motorola Solutions customers to develop solutions for your own internal corporate use with your deployed Motorola Solutions products and platforms.

Applicants must meet the following criteria to apply:

✔ Represent a registered legal businesses with the appropriate proof of insurance
✔ Be the entity who will actually perform the solution/application development
✔ Possess expertise and knowledge in the technology platform you are applying to a license for
✔ Have experience in building the type of solution you intend to develop
✔ Understand that you are responsible for you own solution. Motorola Solutions support will be limited to ADK clarifications and issues. We will not write your code for you nor will we support your products
✔ Accept and follow the terms of the Motorola Solutions License
✔ Pay any necessary license and/or program fees
✔ Protect all Motorola Solutions Intellectual Property provided under license


Motorola Solutions supported LMR technologies under the Application Developer Program include ASTROⓇ25, DIMETRA™, Intelligent Middleware and MOTOTRBO™.

LMR License

License term

3-Year Full

Access to API & Development Toolkit

Motorola Solutions Support

Developer Community Support

Perpetual Sale of Developed Product

Option for Catalog Inclusion

End users and customers wanting to develop a solution for their own internal use can request an interface license by filling out a brief form. Applicants must clearly answer all sections and indicate if there are any questions within the form that are not applicable due to the nature of the intended development.

Request a license below to build an application solution for one of the mentioned technologies and join the community.