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Frequently bought together


Evidence Library

Manage evidence your way. In the cloud, on-premise, or in the car.


V300 Body-Worn Camera

Protect your officers with this ruggedized, continuous-operation camera.


WatchGuard 4RE In-Car System

4RE in-car system and body cameras synchronize during incident recording.


Confident video evidence cloud sharing

Just like physical evidence, digital evidence requires proper handling, including establishing and updating the chain of custody, and controlling who has access to it at what time, for how long, and for what purpose.

What's inside

Detailed Chain of Custody

Audit trails update with uploads, shares and views

Simple User Interface

Interface works like a familiar email outbox

Quick View Dashboard

Dashboard shows status of all active file shares


The secure cloud keeps evidence safe

Key features

Invitations made easy

Invite a single recipient or a group to a shared file by email address, role or function.

Time-sensitive sharing

Assign an expiration date for sharing an individual file or use a default by evidence category.

One-click group access

Whitelist an entire email domain, allowing file sharing with anyone in the organization.

Complete access control

Require user authentication via an access code or provide an account login for access to more sensitive files.




Learn how to import and upload video for redaction.

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