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Historic News Releases

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התחבר אלינו באמצעות

From creating one of the first commercial car radios in 1930 to developing the newest communication networks, Motorola is a technology pioneer. Learn more about some of the company's most notable achievements in the classic press releases below:

A Few Historic News Releases


Motorola "WALKIE TALKIE" two-way radio: "The Fightingest Radios in the War

The famous "HANDIE-TALKIE": "Another Motorola Radio First"

April 10, 1969

Motorola plays key role in the Apollo space program.

June 26, 1969

Moon-to-Earth communications only requires power of refrigerator light bulb.

July 15, 1969

Motorola communications equipment used in the Apollo/Saturn rocket moon landing mission.

August 4, 1971

Pioneer of Earth car radio provides receiver for lunar rover.

April 3, 1973

Motorola demonstrates portable telephone to be available for public use by 1976.

September 10, 1984

An overview of the cellular telephone concept.

August 13, 1991

Motorola introduces ASTRO digital technology.