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Explore Motorola Heritage

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Discover Motorola's heritage through the stories behind some of our biggest innovations. A true pioneer in radio, Motorola provided communications for police in the early years of two-way radio communication and invented the world's first portable cellular phone system. Learn more right here.

Explore Motorola Heritage

From the Archives: First Sales Account Ledger

A peek into the original Motorola sales account ledger reveals the company’s first customers and products.

Sound in Motion

The Motorola brand was born when we introduced one of the world's first commercially successful car radios in 1930.

Calling All Cars

Motorola's entry into police radio in 1930 began our expertise in public safety communications.

Handie-Talkie Radio

Two-way radio innovation brings a new purpose to Motorola during WWII.

World's First FM Portable Two-Way Radio

The fast development of a portable two-way radio during WWII brought enhanced communication to the field.

Handie-Talkie Paging System

The Handie-Talkie paging system enjoyed early success at hospitals.

Cell Phone Development

We changed the history of communications with the world's first portable cellular phone and the network that made it work.